How The Sandman Already Got A Spinoff Series Despite Season 2 Delays


How The Sandman Already Got A Spinoff Series Despite Season 2 Delays

With The Sandman season 2 being delayed indefinitely, the announcement of its new spinoff, Dead Boy Detectives, is a surprising choice.


  • Despite delays in The Sandman season 2, Netflix has decided to move forward with the spinoff Dead Boy Detectives.
  • Dead Boy Detectives was initially pitched as a Doom Patrol spinoff but has now become part of The Sandman‘s universe, with the show finding a new home on Netflix after creative differences and the promotion of key individuals at DC Studios.
  • With Dead Boy Detectives premiering on Netflix, it can fill the void left by The Sandman‘s setback and offer viewers an action-packed supernatural adventure while they wait for the return of the twisted, dark fantasy that they love.



In a surprising turn of events, Netflix has chosen to move forward with The Sandman‘s spinoff, Dead Boy Detectives, despite the current delays in the filming of The Sandman season 2. After all, with only 11 episodes to its name, the King of Dreams’ epic journey has barely gotten off the ground. With the main story’s direction coming to a complete standstill, the decision to extend Sandman‘s universe and branch off into a side story seems ill-timed and uncalled-for, but a closer look at Dead Boy Detectives‘ timeline shows that moving it up in The Sandman‘s place is less of an inconvenience and more divine timing.

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DC’s Dead Boy Detectives is a supernatural detective series two years in the making. The show follows the supernatural adventures of Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine, two dead English teens who team up with the clairvoyant Crystal to solve Earth’s most wicked paranormal cases. Dead Boy Detectives was created by Doom Patrol‘s Steve Yockey and stars George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri as the show’s undead detective duo, Charles and Edwin. Since being adapted to the screen, the Sandman spinoff has undergone a series of major changes during its development, including the switch of universes and networks.

The Dead Boys Detectives Was Supposed To Be A Doom Patrol Spinoff, But Now It’s Part Of The Sandman

A timeline of the Dead Boy Detectives show’s development

Although author Neil Gaiman confirmed the Dead Boy Detectives series is now a part of The Sandman‘s universe, it was initially pitched as a spinoff to DC’s Doom Patrol following their critically acclaimed cameos in season 3. The stellar onscreen performances of Ty Tennant, Sebastian Croft, and Madalyn Horcher helped boost the characters’ reputation among viewers, and by September 2021, HBO Max ordered its pilot. The following year, things looked promising for Dead Boy Detectives‘ future, with Max ordering an eight-part series and announcing a new cast as recently as October 2022.

However, that all changed when the series suddenly jumped ship. In February 2023, Dead Boy Detectives found a new home on Netflix. The decision to switch networks may have seemed abrupt, but it had a lot to do with time and creative vision. Months before the transition, another major switch occurred that allegedly influenced Dead Boy Detectives‘ new direction: the promotion of James Gunn and Peter Safran to head DC Studios.

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The shift of Dead Boy Detectives‘ direction seemed directly impacted by Gunn and Safron’s promotion, as the initial dramatic tones of the Max series did not align with the new direction of DC’s television universe. These creative differences combined with Max’s delayed 2024 marketing campaign influenced Dead Boy Detectives‘ sudden shift from Max to Netflix. It was a decision that would keep most of its original cast and crew while updating the show’s style and tone, swapping its initially proposed dramatic themes for an action-packed supernatural adventure.

The Dead Boys Detectives Makes More Sense Being In The Sandman’s TV Universe

How Dead Boy Detectives connects to The Sandman

With Dead Boy Detectives‘ new home on Netflix and the streaming service needing more time to develop The Sandman season 2, now is the perfect time to move forward with the spinoff. With the anticipation surrounding Dead Boy Detectives‘ premiere, Netflix could use The Sandman‘s setback as the perfect window of opportunity to offer up something in its place. So, while viewers anxiously await the return of The Sandman‘s twisted, dark fantasy, Dead Boy Detectives could be the DC show that fills the void.

Dead Boy Detectives aligns with The Sandman stylistically since they come from the same author. Neil Gaiman first debuted Charles and Edwin in The Sandman: Season of Mists before their official appearance as the Dead Boy Detectives in the Vertigo imprint The Children’s Crusade. Their cameos in Sandman’s gritty, occult universe made the Dead Boy Detectives two of DC’s most beloved characters, earning them spinoffs and cameos in other popular DC titles. So, although the characters were made popular for their cameos in Doom Patrol, The Sandman is where they initially got their start, so becoming an extension of its universe is essentially just the show returning to its roots.

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