How to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive on Mac?


How to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive on Mac?

Many Mac users, at some point, must have faced the fearsome threat of accidentally deleting important files. Sudden panic increases many folds when you don’t know how to recover deleted files on external hard drive on Mac.

External hard drives are very useful for storing data; However, losing files from them poses a significant risk as recovering data can be a nightmare because it is difficult to follow the recovery process and on top of that there is no assurance of successfully recovering deleted data.

No need to worry though, the three most useful ways are mentioned in this article that can definitely help you out of the situation.

People who use a Mac should be aware of the fact that data deleted from the system first goes to Trash before permanent deletion. All deleted data stays there until someone decides to empty the trash. In addition, all the data deleted from the hard drive connected to the system also goes directly to the trash.

Well, you must have already gone through all the data in the trash, but to clear the process for you, here are the steps that will take you through the process by which you will know how to recover deleted files on external hard drive on Mac from Trash:

  1. Make sure your Mac is connected to the external hard drive. This step is crucial as every Mac external hard drive has its own Trash folder.
  2. Open the Trash folder by clicking its icon.
  3. Thereafter, you need to locate the file you want to recover.
  4. Once you have found the file, right click on it and select the ‘Replace’ option. This will restore the deleted file to the external drive from where it was deleted.
  5. Go back to the location where you think the file will be restored and open it to check if it is the correct one.
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Let’s face it, one day or another we always come across the need to recover our deleted data, however, most of the time the data is lost permanently unless we use the best Mac data recovery software or other data recovery means, about which many people are unaware.

However, Apple has understood this problem of people and has come up with a data backup mechanism that can be used to recover data at any later stage. They named this data backup mechanism as Time Machine.

Time Machine generates incremental backup copies of files that can be recovered later. It gives the user the option to restore the entire system files or individual or specific files. It also works within a variety of programs, including Mail and iWork, allowing you to restore specific objects contained within them. However, users need to manually back up the files they want as the software automates the backup process.

Listed below are the steps to help you know how to recover deleted files on external hard drive on Mac via Time Machine backup data:

  1. Connect the hard drive to your Mac that contains the backup, created with Time Machine.
  2. Open a Finder window in the folder where the file you want to restore was previously saved. That will be a folder on the external hard drive in this scenario.
  3. From the menu bar, start Time Machine by clicking its icon.
  4. Now, if you remember the time you deleted that file, navigate to or before that time and find the required file among the backups.
  5. When you find the data or file you were looking for, click the Restore button. Thereafter, the file would be recovered to its original location from where it was deleted.
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If you are having difficulty in recovering your lost data by following the above-mentioned methods, then the last effective way left is to use some data recovery software, such as iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac.

These types of software are developed with the most advanced technologies for data recovery and also support data recovery from internal and external storage drives. These software programs are easy to use, follow simple procedures to retrieve your data, and do not require professional assistance. Also, you don’t need to take a timely backup of your file as these have the potential to recover permanently deleted data from the system at any time.

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