Hugh Jackman Posts Training Update Video Amid Continued Deadpool 3 Pause


Hugh Jackman Posts Training Update Video Amid Continued Deadpool 3 Pause

While Deadpool 3 remains on pause, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman shares a new training video, showing that he’s keeping his X-Men shape for the film.


  • Deadpool 3 star Hugh Jackman stays in top shape while waiting for the SAG-AFTRA strike to end and production on the MCU movie to resume.
  • Jackman shares a workout video on Twitter, jokingly expressing pain and laughing with his personal trainer.
  • The SAG-AFTRA strike may pose a potential delay for Deadpool 3, but recent negotiations suggest a resolution is likely, allowing the movie to meet its May 2024 release date.



Deadpool 3 star Hugh Jackman has shared a new workout video that shows the Wolverine actor is not missing a beat while his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut film is on pause. Deadpool 3‘s cast is currently waiting for the SAG-AFTRA strike to be over, allowing actors to return to work. While production is stopped on the MCU’s most anticipated 2024 movie, the Wolverine actor is keeping his X-Men shape.

On Twitter, Deadpool 3‘s Wolverine, Jackman, shared a new training update video aptly captioned “Hurts so good.”

The actor has just finished an exercise in the video, jokingly making some sounds of pain to the camera. Jackman and a woman — likely his personal trainer, Beth Lewis — then start to laugh. Deadpool 3‘s story, especially if most of the rumors surrounding it are true, will need Jackman to be as fit as he can be for his return as Wolverine.

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Will Deadpool 3 Be Delayed?

Due to the recently concluded Writers Guild of America strike — which ended after 148 days — and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, several Marvel Studios projects were affected. As the first of the upcoming MCU movies to be released in 2024 — with a May 3 release — Deadpool 3 is in some serious danger of being delayed. That would happen if the negotiations between the SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP that have just been picked back up were to fall through.

However, as the WGA recently got a productive deal, it is more likely than not that the SAG-AFTRA will meet a similar fate, with the ongoing strike ending reasonably soon. If that were to happen, then Deadpool 3 should maintain its May 2024 release date. As revealed by Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy to Deadline, the MCU movie was “halfway through filming” when the SAG-AFTRA strike put it on pause.

As Deadpool 3‘s filming began in May, with production on the film being paused in July, if the movie were to resume filming this month — October — then Deadpool 3‘s filming could be done by December, based on Levy’s words. While that would mean the movie would be somewhat cutting close to its release date, the level of anticipation for Deadpool 3‘s debut and the fact that Marvel has no movie set to be released before it means the studio will likely do all it can to get Deadpool 3 ready for release as fast as possible.

Source: Hugh Jackman/Twitter

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