"I See What Lies Beyond": Captain Sisko Finally Accesses His God Powers to Win Star Trek's God War


“I See What Lies Beyond”: Captain Sisko Finally Accesses His God Powers to Win Star Trek’s God War

As Star Trek’s Day of Blood comes to a close, Sisko taps the last of his godlike power to demand answers from the Prophets and topple Kahless.

The God War that has been shaking Star Trek‘s universe is coming to an end, as the final entry in the historic ‘Day of Blood’ crossover brings Sisko and Worf head to head with Kahless. As Kahless turns his ultimate weapon – the God-Killer array – against Sisko, the Emissary uses the last of his remaining power to peer through the veil of creation.



In a preview of Star Trek #12 shared by Comicbook, Sisko is blasted by the God-Killer Array as Worf holds his son Alexander in his arms – the latest victim of Kahless’ fascistic power grab. When Sisko returned from the Bajoran wormhole, he came back with the powers of a god, but he’s been loath to use them so far. That changed when Kahless unleashed the God-Killer Array, which possesses all the power of the gods he’s killed so far, including the Crystalline Entities and the ascended human Gary Mitchell. This is a weapon the Bajoran Prophets fear and even the Q Continuum fled, and yet Sisko has so far survived. However, he finds himself pinned in place as Kahless approaches, and his human form is falling away. The issue comes from Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Angel Unzueta, Marissa Louise and Clayton Cowles.

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Sisko Is Finally Learning the Truth the Prophets Denied Him

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Sisko has long been the Emissary of the Bajoran Prophets, but even after spending years communing with their infinite perspective, he still doesn’t understand what that title means. The Prophets have ordered Sisko to kill for them in order to stop Kahless, and yet their orders clearly come from fear rather than cosmic awareness. At the same time, Kahless has attempted to live up to the legend of his Klingon namesake by making war on the gods, founding a cross-species cult that has spread across the galaxy like a virus. Sisko’s lack of a clear goal has made combating Kahless’ absolute philosophy difficult, but now in the final battle of the god war, it seems he will finally gain some insight, as the preview ends with him stating, “I see what lies beyond.”

Sisko Is Learning That Godhood Isn’t the Answer

Sisko Has new God Powers

Much of Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant‘s recent arcs have been concerned with the franchise’s failed fathers. Worf failed to offer Alexander a worldview that could give him meaning, leaving him open to Kahless’ predations. Meanwhile, Sisko abandoned his children to embrace a cosmic understanding that, in many ways, he’s come no closer to gaining. Even as he sees how Worf’s failures have hurt him and his son, and that Jake Sisko is riddled with doubt, he’s chosen to remain an Emissary first and a father second.

Now, with his humanity being literally burned from his body and Worf’s failures having seemingly cost him his son, Sisko finally demands answers from the Prophets, calling on them to give him some understanding in his darkest hour. Hopefully, the Prophets can give Sisko what he needs to stop Kahless – however, it’s more likely that the truth Sisko is about to uncover is that his own humanity can offer him far more than Star Trek‘s would-be gods.

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Star Trek #12 is coming from IDW Publishing September 27.

Source: Jamie Lovett, Comicbook

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