"I'm Here So I Can Find You and Kill You": Red Hood Admits the Real Reason He's Betraying the Bat-Family


“I’m Here So I Can Find You and Kill You”: Red Hood Admits the Real Reason He’s Betraying the Bat-Family

As the Gotham War heats up, Red Hood is siding against Batman – however, he explains that his choice isn’t based on hope, but on something darker.

As the Gotham War continues, Red Hood is resolutely throwing his weight behind Catwoman, betraying Batman in favor of training Gotham’s criminals to be more skilled, and therefore take fewer lives. Selina Kyle’s plan to save Gotham is underway, and while the Dark Knight has made it his mission to shut her down, not all of his family agree – particularly Jason Todd. However, now Red Hood claims that he doesn’t actually have Selina’s faith in Gotham’s criminals.



In a preview of Matthew Rosenberg and Nikola Čižmešija’s Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Red Hood #1, Jason trains Selina’s newly recruited goons. However, while she wants them to increase their skills so that they no longer need to work for the city’s supervillains, Jason claims that he expects the plan to fail, and is involved just to gather information on his new ‘trainees’ so that when they take a life in future, he will be able to immediately find and kill them.

Red Hood Claims His Gotham War Betrayal Is Based on Lethal Justice






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Recently, Bruce Wayne spent some time in an alternate reality, then was pulled into the battle against the godlike Insomnia. This left him away from Gotham for months, during which time Catwoman launched her own plan to save the city. Selina believes that if she can train the city’s low-level criminals to steal from the rich without getting caught, violent crime will plummet, and the city’s true threats will be robbed of their usual army of henchmen. So far, the plan is working… at least in Catwoman’s eyes. Batman is less understanding, and points out that even her improved system has already cost people their lives, and that any embrace of crime will inevitably hurt innocent people.

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Accordingly, Batman has been breaking up Catwoman’s crime academy wherever he finds it, and putting the fear of the bat into anyone who supports Selina’s plan. However, Gotham’s other vigilantes aren’t as sure that she’s in the wrong. Tim Drake and Spoiler have yet to pick a side, while Jason Todd’s Red Hood has thrown his lot in with Catwoman. Now, the Bat-Family are starting to come to blows over Batman and Catwoman’s divide, all while Gotham’s supervillains are forming new ‘families’, hoping to build alliances that will still allow them to function in the city’s new ecosystem.

Jason Todd Wants to Fix Gotham Using More Than Killing

jason todd red hood vs batman-1

Red Hood may claim he’s only with Catwoman to research Gotham’s criminals, but those who know Jason Todd know there’s more to his decision. Jason was raised on the streets of Gotham, following his father into a life of crime up until the point where – while trying to steal the tires from the Batmobile – he was recruited by the Dark Knight. While Jason may whole-heartedly believe in lethal justice in some cases, he also understands that there are many Gotham criminals who simply haven’t had the chance in life to be anything else, and who are driven to desperation by the city’s obscene wealth inequality. Indeed, Catwoman actually recruits Jason by telling him that it’s a chance to shift the balance of power in the city. This is a cause that Batman is especially blind to, given his own and his parents’ wealth.

Batman and Red Hood had fundamentally different experiences growing up in the same city, and Jason has a lot more in common with Selina than his former mentor. While he may be playing the drill sergeant by threatening Catwoman’s recruits into shape, it seems more likely that Jason is a true believer than that he’s actually scoping out his next victims as the Red Hood. Whatever his reasons, Red Hood is willing to beat down the rest of the Bat-Family on Catwoman’s behalf, having chosen his side in the Gotham War.

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Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Red Hood #1 is available September 26.

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