Iron Man Knows Exactly How His Marriage to Emma Frost Will End (And He Can’t Wait)


Iron Man Knows Exactly How His Marriage to Emma Frost Will End (And He Can’t Wait)

It’s official: Iron Man and Emma Frost are married! But the marriage is destined to fail. Tony knows it, and he can’t wait to have his heart broken.

Warning: Spoilers for The Invincible Iron Man #10



The marriage of Iron Man and Emma Frost is official, but it appears divorce is already the inevitable conclusion – much to Tony Stark’s delight. Following teasers, trailers, and a summer of foreshadowing, the moment has finally arrived, and despite their arrangement seemingly being a marriage of convenience, it appears that Stark has caught true feelings for his mutant bride.

The Invincible Iron Man #10 – by Gerry Duggan, Juan Frigeri, Bryan Valenza, and VC’s Joe Caramagna – tells this unexpected love story from Tony’s perspective.

Stepping up to the altar, Tony knows exactly what he’s getting into, thinking, “Emma Frost was going to break my heart. And, damn, was I looking forward to it.”

What Started Out As A Comedy Of Errors Is Becoming A Tragic Romance

Tony Stark Iron Man proposes to Emma Frost in front of Feilong, panels from X-Men #26

The union between the unlikely power couple was first set in motion in X-Men #26, with a brief scuffle between Tony Stark and Emma Frost, disguised as Tony’s assistant Hazel Kendal. Interrupted by the mutual adversary they’d been plotting against, Orchis leader Feilong, who misunderstood what he had walked in on, Tony proposed to “Hazel” – an unlikely, almost sitcom-like way for two of Marvel’s most powerful heroes to begin a romance. Despite what seemed like a protracted build-up, as readers anticipated what would become of the duo’s relationship, in-story, this led right into their quick nuptials in Vegas, as seen in Invincible Iron Man #10.

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Heartbreak Already Awaits The Honeymooners

Iron Man sees Emma Frost in her wedding dress, panels from Invincible Iron Man #10

From the moment that he walks through the doors of the Las Vegas rental chapel, Tony Starks’ eyes lock with Emma Frost. Or, rather, he locks eyes with Hazel Kendal, whom earlier Iron Man refers to as Emma’s “armor,” which she can throw away as soon as their mission is over. She wears a red wedding dress and Tony is absolutely awestruck at the sight of her beauty. He immediately knows that this goes against the arrangement they had agreed upon, which allows him to come to the realization that they were absolutely doomed from the start of their time together.

The arrangement between Emma Frost and Tony Stark was always conceived between the two as one of convenience. Tony Stark becomes an ally to the X-Men, joining their family so to speak, at a time when mutants need allies more than ever, as mutantkind is being hunted. They agree to help each other take out the face of mutant hate, Feilong, the leader of the mutant hate group Orchis. It seemed like a win-win for both parties, only neither could have perceived the other legitimately falling in love with them. Their recent interactions have teased a genuine romance between the two, but Tony is the one falling first.

Tony’s realization in Invincible Iron Man #10 could simply mean he knows Emma Frost will break his heart. However, his words could also foreshadow a much darker future. Notice that Emma Frost is wearing red for her wedding; previously, in X-Men #24, Destiny prophesied that “I see kings clashing in white, black after the death of the Red Queen.” Tony just became the Black King of the Hellfire Club, Kingpin the White, and the Red Queen is an empty spot open. With “Hazel” presumably a new member after marrying Iron Man, Emma Frost’s potential future as the Red Queen could be as doomed as her marriage.

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Invincible Iron Man #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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