James Bond Contender Is Open for 007 Role (Though Not As The Iconic Spy)


James Bond Contender Is Open for 007 Role (Though Not As The Iconic Spy)

Richard Armitage, who has been a popular James Bond contender, expresses an interest in joining the franchise, but not in the role of 007.


  • Richard Armitage, who has been pegged as a James Bond contender, casts doubt on whether he will play the coveted part.
  • While praising the role, Armitage says he would be more tempted to play a 007 villain.
  • A number of other actors, including Idris Elba, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Regé-Jean Page, Henry Golding, and Heny Cavill, have long been considered to be in the running for the part, but nothing has yet been announced by franchise producer Barbara Broccoli.



James Bond contender Richard Armitage comments on his chances for the coveted part and reveals the franchise role he’d rather play instead. After first playing the character back in 2006’s Casino Royale, Daniel Craig bid farewell to 007 with 2021’s No Time To Die. Since Craig’s exit, it’s been unclear who will be next to take on the role, but a number of stars have since become popular choices, including Armitage, who is best known for playing Thorin in The Hobbit trilogy.

As the search for the next James Bond continues, Armitage comments on his chances in a recent interview with Radio Times. While the actor calls 007 an “amazing role,” he admits that he would probably be “more likely to be tempted towards playing the villain“. Check out the rest of Armitage’s comment below:

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“Oh, every three weeks there’s a newspaper story about that. My nephew still asks if I’m going to be James Bond, and I say, ‘No. You just read it in a paper.'”

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

Since before Craig even retired from the role, there have been rumors regarding who will be next to play the iconic spy. Idris Elba has long been a popular choice, but the actor recently revealed that he’s not entirely interested in the part. What’s more, Elba is now 51 years old, and Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has affirmed that they’re looking for a younger actor who can make at least a 10-year commitment.

With Elba seemingly out of the running, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson emerged as a top contender. The actor, who is next slated to star in Kraven the Hunter, is said to have had a productive meeting with Broccoli earlier this year. The actor hasn’t confirmed or denied that such a meeting took place, however, and has been hesitant to address the reports directly.

In addition to Taylor-Johnson, a number of other actors have also been popular choices at one point or another, including Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, James Norton, Regé-Jean Page, Henry Cavill, Richard Madden, and Henry Golding, among others. While odds continue to shift regarding which actor will play 007 next, it’s not entirely clear where the casting process is actually at behind-the-scenes. Until producers make a concrete announcement, who the next James Bond will be is anybody’s guess.

Source: Radio Times

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