John Wick: Chapter 4 Pitch Meeting


John Wick: Chapter 4 Pitch Meeting

Screen Rant’s Pitch Meeting series aims its crosshairs at John Wick: Chapter 4, poking fun at the sequel’s elongated runtime and confusing future.


  • Screen Rant‘s Pitch Meeting series hilariously critiques the flaws of John Wick: Chapter 4, including its lengthy runtime and simplistic setups for action scenes.
  • Reeves and director Stahelski have expressed conflicting thoughts on the future of the franchise, with Reeves only interested in returning if Stahelski is involved and Stahelski unsure about directing another installment.
  • Despite the uncertainty, Lionsgate is eager to continue the John Wick franchise, with plans for a fifth movie and spinoffs like The Continental and Ballerina, though the success of these projects may shape the franchise’s future.

While the franchise’s future remains in an uncertain limbo, Screen Rant‘s own Pitch Meeting series has put a bounty on John Wick: Chapter 4. The latest installment in the hit action franchise saw Keanu Reeves’ beloved assassin making one final ploy to break free from the High Table’s grip by taking out Bill Skarsgård’s Marquis de Gramont. Again helmed by Chad Stahelski, the sequel garnered the best reviews of the franchise, as well as the highest box office haul of over $432 million against its $100 million production budget.

Just over six months after the movie shot its way to critical and commercial success, the latest episode of Screen Rant‘s Pitch Meeting series has tackled John Wick: Chapter 4. The video, as seen at the top of this article, pokes fun at some of the action’s sequels flaws, including its lengthy runtime of nearly three hours, and its simple setups for its hard-hitting set pieces. The episode also highlights the movie killing off Reeves’ eponymous assassin, despite seemingly having plans for the franchise’s future.

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What Reeves & Co. Have Said About John Wick’s Future

In the wake of John Wick: Chapter 4‘s emotional ending, Reeves, Stahelski and the creative team behind the franchise have offered conflicting thoughts on a potential return for the eponymous assassin. The actor/executive producer has indicated he would only return if Stahelski were back at the helm, while the franchise director has gone back and forth on his interest in directing another installment. Though generally indicating he could be open to coming back, he doesn’t have a clear idea of how he would bring back Wick without undoing his finale.

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Despite the uncertainty from Reeves and Stahelski, Lionsgate has been very keen on making John Wick 5, even announcing its development two months after the fourth movie hit theaters, though not directly confirming anyone’s return. The studio is also moving ahead with multiple spinoffs, beginning with the currently airing Peacock prequel miniseries The Continental centered on younger versions of Ian McShane’s Winston and Lance Reddick’s Charon, which has garnered generally mixed reviews.

Additionally, 2024 will see the release of the Ana de Armas-led Ballerina, which is set between the third and fourth John Wick movies and will feature the returns of Reeves, McShane, Reddick, and Anjelica Huston. Should this spinoff also prove to underwhelm audiences, Lionsgate may take a step back to reconsider their options for the franchise’s future rather than push ahead with further extensions. That said, Ballerina failing could also see the studio push for John Wick: Chapter 4‘s ending to be undone in order to better revive interest in the property.

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