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Kara Swisher Husband: Is She Married? Relationship And Her Career Details

Kara Swisher is a well-known name in journalism. She has garnered much attention not just for her professional accomplishments but also for her personal life. Recently, there has been a surge in interest in “Kara Swisher Wife” Amanda Katz. Let’s take a look at Kara’s interesting journey, her love tales, and how they intersect with her famous profession.

Kara Swisher and Megan Smith’s Marriage

Kara’s marriage to Megan Smith started in 1999 in Marin County, even before same-sex weddings were officially recognized in California. They had two kids together, one of them was named Louis. However, the pair chose to divorce in 2018.

Kara Swisher and Amanda Katz’s Marriage

Kara’s life started a new chapter in 2020 when she married Amanda Katz. Amanda, well known as a senior views writer at the Washington Post, has two daughters with Kara, cementing their family tie.

The “Mini-stroke” Incident in 2011

Kara had a “mini-stroke” while way to Hong Kong in 2011, which was a shocking turn of events. This medical emergency necessitated her hospitalization and subsequent anticoagulant medicine prescription.

Relationship to Luke Perry

The occurrence of the mini-stroke encouraged Kara to write down her thoughts, particularly when Luke Perry died of a stroke in 2019. Her work was not just a representation of her struggle, but also a moving tribute to Perry.

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Family Dynamics in the Present

Kara is now living in Washington, D.C., where she is spending time with her two adolescent kids from her marriage to Megan Smith and her two children from her marriage to Amanda Katz.

Media Attempts

Kara’s media presence is certainly extensive. From co-hosting the podcast “Sway” to writing thought-provoking books like “A Curious Life: The Joy and Risk of Living Your Dreams,” her efforts are notable. Her constant involvement on platforms such as Twitter demonstrates her commitment to remain in touch with her fans.

Engagements in the Recent Past

Kara just had an open talk with Conan O’Brien about the changing dynamics of late-night television. Her observations were as incisive and thought-provoking as always.

Kara Swisher

Kara Swisher’s Opinions and Commentary on Various Subjects

Kara is not one to keep her ideas to herself. She makes sure her voice is heard, whether it’s her forthright view on technology, politics, or media. For example, her opinions on the tech industry’s overall effect and the need for regulation have been refreshingly transparent.

Criticism and adoration

While she has been praised for her deep insights, Kara has also received criticism, particularly for her views on political personalities such as President Donald Trump.


Kara Swisher’s personal and professional life demonstrates her tenacity, enthusiasm, and dedication. As she continues to alter the world of technology media with her acute observations, her personal life, particularly her relationship with “kara swisher wife” Amanda Katz, provides richness to her varied identity.

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