“Look At How They Massacred My Boy:” One Frasier Reboot Choice Baffles Fans


“Look At How They Massacred My Boy:” One Frasier Reboot Choice Baffles Fans

Frasier fans share their outcry on social media over one baffling creative choice in the upcoming Kelsey Grammer-led reboot on Paramount+.


  • Fans are confused and baffled by Frasier Crane’s footwear choice in the reboot, sparking conversations online and speculation about its significance.
  • The relaxed and different appearance of Frasier in the revival compared to the original show raises questions about possible plot points or character development over the past 19 years.
  • Some fans theorize that Frasier’s changed appearance could be a reflection of him becoming more like his father, Martin, and prioritize comfort over style in his older age.



One creative decision in the Frasier reboot has fans baffled. Kelsey Grammer will soon return on the screen as the beloved Frasier Crane in the upcoming Paramount+ revival. While it has been 19 years since the original Seattle-based show ended, the Frasier reboot trailer suggests that the snobbish therapist has remained largely the same. However, one particular detail from the show’s marketing has become the focus of the public’s scrutiny online.

A group of fans came together to discuss Frasier’s footwear choice in the recently-released projects, and most of them are perplexed by it. Check out some of the tweets below:

The post that started the whole conversation features the iconic The Godfather quote to emphasize just how disappointed they are in Frasier’s shoes in the reboot.

Another fan tried to justify the choice, suggesting that it may actually be a plot point.

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Another is confident, however, that Frasier would never wear those footwear.

A different fan opted to reference a memorable scene in the original show where Frasier considers the idea of going to a restaurant without a reservation.

Someone, however, tries to put more thought into this by theorizing that either Frasier’s shoes are a major plot device or the writers of the revival do not know the essence of the character.

Finally, a fan floats the idea that Frasier’s shoes are an indication that he is becoming his father.

Why Frasier Looks Different In The Reboot

Paramount+ has run a rather tight marketing campaign for the upcoming Frasier reboot. So far, there’s only one trailer released and two solo posters for the show, which is scheduled to debut on October 12. Based on what has been revealed thus far, Frasier’s looks are far more relaxed in the revival than in the Seattle-based show. That’s an interesting change to the character, especially since Boston fits his aesthetic better than the Pacific Northwest. However, as several fans have theorized, this shift may actually be a plot point in the show.

Almost two decades have passed since Frasier was last seen on the small screen. Much has happened in his life that is yet to be revealed. Perhaps, his lifestyle and perspective changed in the last several years, resulting in these new choices. Otherwise, it could also be chalked up to his advanced age. At this point, Frasier is already in his 70s, and it’s possible that he simply prioritizes comfort now over style. there’s also the possibility that, as some fans have pointed out, Frasier is becoming Martin. Aside from his shoes, the snooty therapist is also seen sporting plaid shirts, which were Martin’s unofficial uniform.

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Whatever the case may be, it will be great if the new show can address some of the noticeable changes in Frasier. These questions can be easily addressed in a line or two anyway. Not tackling these comments head-on opens up the Paramount+ reboot to criticisms about not being true to the beloved character.

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