Luke Bracey Leaves A Heartbreaking Message For His Daughter In Mercy Road Clip


Luke Bracey Leaves A Heartbreaking Message For His Daughter In Mercy Road Clip

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a clip from the thriller movie Mercy Road, starring Luke Bracey as a man on a mission to save his daughter.


  • Mercy Road is a thrilling tale about a man named Tom who is trying to save his daughter while being pursued as her abductor.
  • The movie takes place primarily in Tom’s truck, with a tight screenplay that adds to the intense and claustrophobic pace.
  • Luke Bracey delivers a strong performance in this high-octane action film, while Toby Jones shines as “The Associate.” Look out for Mercy Road in theaters on October 6.



Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive clip from Mercy Road, a new thriller from writer-director John Curran. The movie stars Luke Bracey (Interceptor) as a frantic man named Tom, who is on the run while simultaneously trying to save his daughter (played by Martha Kate Morgan). The rest of the world thinks he himself is the one who has abducted her, but instead, he is furiously following orders from shadowy figures in the hopes of keeping her safe.

Though it primarily takes place in Tom’s truck, Mercy Road is a bold and thrilling tale, thanks in part to the tight screenplay from Curran, Jesse Heffring (Sigma), and Christopher Lee Pelletier. Check out the latest clip, which provides a strong indicator of the story’s tone, before it premieres in select theaters on October 6.

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More About Mercy Road

In Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip from Mercy Road, Tom is on the road and desperately calling his daughter Ruby. At the sound of her voicemail, he begins to explain that he did what he did for her sake, whether it was right or wrong, but he understands if she doesn’t currently want to talk. He also apologizes for not having been there for her, and the fact that neither he nor her mother were aware of what was happening to her because they were too busy with their own problems.

Luke Bracey has been on a romantic comedy kick recently, with titles like Maybe I Do and One True Loves, but he has a wide range of roles in his prolific repertoire. Mercy Road returns him to the world of high-octane action, and the thriller has a claustrophobic pace with high stakes that are aided by Toby Jones’ chilling performance as “The Associate.” Curran, meanwhile, has plenty of tension and emotion present in his previous work (which ranges from The Painted Veil to Chappaquiddick), suggesting that his latest offering will be another powerful entry into his artistic canon.

Mercy Road opens in theaters on October 6 and will be available On Demand on October 10. The movie has a runtime of 90 minutes and is rated R for language throughout.

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