MacDroid : File Transfer App For Mac And Android


MacDroid : File Transfer App For Mac And Android

Whenever we talk about the popular operating systems used in mobile technology, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the ones that the brain immediately switches to. When we move towards laptops or desktop computers, Apple Inc. has developed its own family of Macintosh operating systems, popularly known as Mac.

The Android version of Google’s operating system works on phones, tablets, watches, etc. There are many customers who use a Mac laptop/desktop and an Android phone to reduce the cost of buying an iPhone. Such users who own Android and MacBook devices and have to go through the pain of transferring large amounts of files, music, photos, videos, data by uploading them to the cloud and then downloading them to the desired device.

Previous people used the Dropbox app to transfer files from Android to Mac and vice versa, but it didn’t turn out to be an efficient option. It required the user to upload large amounts of files to the Dropbox app via their Mac or Android device and then download them to the other.

Another alternative was to upload files to Google Drive and then download them to the other device, but again users found it cumbersome for heavy file transfers. To eliminate all these troubles, MacDroid made the task of transferring important files and data from Mac to Android and vice versa feasible and easy to use.

The software is available in two versions: free and professional. The free version allows only one-way data transfer i.e. Android to Mac but provides all updates and customer support. On the other hand, the pro version requires an annual subscription where you get a 7-day free trial of the software. After getting the pro version, users can transfer data from Mac to Android and vice versa by simply connecting the devices with a USB cable and transferring files seamlessly. Download MacDroid on your Mac system and connect it to your Android device via USB cable. Next, allow Mac to access your Android device by choosing between ADB or MTP connection modes. Now you can easily transfer files without further ado. Also, you can read the guide on the official website to check how to connect Android to Mac.

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MacDroid is professional software that is easy to use, reliable and saves time. It ensures that there is no data loss or leakage during file transfer. The software is affordable and it also saves the data you used while uploading to the drive or Dropbox. It can be used on unlimited Android devices and up to 5 Mac devices. It grants access to both internal and external storage of your Android device, supports all Android devices and MTP.

MacDroid has made it easy for ordinary Mac and Android users to seamlessly access data, photos, videos, and files from either device. You don’t need to bother saving time and data by uploading the files and then downloading them to the other device. You can easily edit files, photos via MacDroid without transferring the original data to Android device.

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