Major MCU Tease Confirms Phase 5's First New Supervillain Was Wasted


Major MCU Tease Confirms Phase 5’s First New Supervillain Was Wasted

Secret Invasion Episode 6 will wrap up the Phase 5 series, pitting Nick Fury against Gravik with a result many viewers might not expect.


  • Secret Invasion Episode 6 may not feature the long-awaited Super Skrull battle, instead focusing on Nick Fury’s reconciliation with Gravik.
  • The series has deviated from the comic’s depiction of peaceful Skrulls to present a faction that seeks to eradicate humanity.
  • The potential lack of a major battle aligns with the show’s emphasis on espionage, tension, and complex relationships, but it can limit the full potential of the Super Skrull. Phase 5 introduced the Super Skrulls prior to the MCU debut of the Fantastic Four.


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion. The end of secret invasion It may not feature the Super Skrull battle many viewers expect. secret invasion Episode 6 will be released on July 26, 2023, bringing the series to a close from Phase 5 and setting up future MCU storylines, including the wonders and armor wars. secret invasion has told a very different story for Marvel Studios, as it traded in the flash and action of typical superhero crossover events for a realistic, realistic and suspenseful story, putting Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury front and center. Continuing the events of 2019 captain marvel, secret invasion it also introduced a menacing new villain to the MCU: the Super Skrulls.

Unlike their backstory in Marvel Comics, the MCU’s Skrulls were presented as a peaceful species, made up primarily of grateful refugees making their way to Earth after the destruction of their home planet, the New Skrullos. In secret invasionHowever, a rogue faction of Skrulls, led by Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Gravik, seeks to eradicate humanity and claim Earth as their new home. Assuming the Avengers would intervene, Gravik developed a machine capable of enhancing the Skrulls with abilities of its own, and secret invasion seems to have turned into an epic battle between a reformed Nick Fury and the Super Skrull of Gravik, though this may not play out as many have predicted.

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Secret Invasion Won’t Have a Big Supervillain Battle

In a recent article for tv lineMatt Webb Mitovich revealed that after speaking with secret invasion director Ali Selim, the ending may not feature the final act CGI battle that many have come to expect from Marvel Studios projects. Mentioning that “The story is less about Nick Fury defeating Gravik and more about Nick Fury making up with Gravik.” Selim implied that secret invasions The ending will not include a big battle between the hero and the villain. Gravik’s development into the Super Skrull has been glimpsed in secret invasion, but its true power has not been shown yet. The ending poses the last chance for all of his abilities to be displayed.

The idea that Fury and Gravik could avoid a big battle in secret invasion Episode 6 and instead decides to reconcile, although divergent for Marvel Studios, it fits perfectly with the themes of the series. secret invasion has explored espionage, paranoia, tension, and interpersonal relationships better than any recent Marvel Studios project, so it would be a shame if these straightforward themes were overshadowed by a CGI fight in the finale. Fury and Gravik’s relationship is one of the most complex, making a possible reconciliation between the couple in secret invasion Episode 6 is incredibly exciting and could create the opportunity for Gravik to return in the future of the MCU.

Phase 5 wasted the Super-Skrulls ahead of the Fantastic Four’s MCU debut

Nick Fury fighting Super Skrull in Secret Invasion trailer

While it’s great from a character perspective that Fury and Gravik reconcile, this could mean that the Super Skrull might not be used to his full potential in secret invasion. In Marvel Comics, the Super Skrull is enhanced with the collective abilities of the Fantastic Four, which were traded for the MCU as the Fantastic Four won’t debut until 2025. The Super Skrulls would arguably have benefited from being introduced after the Fantastic Four, allowing them to keep their backstory comically accurate. This would also have kept the story of secret invasion more grounded in reality, rather than raising the possibility of a major CGI battle in the series finale.

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