Martin & Niles' Frasier Reboot Appearance Was Already Set Up 27 Years Ago


Martin & Niles’ Frasier Reboot Appearance Was Already Set Up 27 Years Ago

The Paramount+’s Frasier reboot has a way of featuring BOTH Niles and Martin thanks to the pair’s hijinks in the original series 27 years ago.


  • The Frasier reboot will bring back both Niles and Martin, thanks to an old episode where Martin pretends to die on camera.
  • David Hyde Pierce turned down the opportunity to reprise his role as Niles, but there’s a possibility that he may make a cameo in the future.
  • If Niles doesn’t physically appear in the show, he could still communicate with Frasier online, providing a way to feature the beloved character.



Thanks to their hijinks 27 years ago, the Frasier reboot has a way of bringing back BOTH Niles and Martin. Frasier Crane’s fourth act begins almost two decades after he left his hometown of Seattle to find success in love and career. In the new Frasier reboot, Kelsey Grammer’s high-brow therapist will find himself back in his old stomping back during his Cheers days: Boston. Not much has been said about what life has been for the character during the time between the original series and its sequel, but his move to New England is largely motivated by wanting to reforge a connection with his grown-up son, Freddy.

Aside from starting a new life, Frasier’s move to Seattle 30 years ago also gave him the opportunity to spend time with his family. The original Frasier show introduced his father, Martin, and equally snooty brother, Niles. Both played an integral part in the sitcom’s 11-year-run; on top of their ties to Frasier, they were also given their respective, and sometimes, even more exciting arcs. Considering how integral they were to the success of the old show, it’s massively disappointing that they won’t be in Paramount+’s Frasier reboot. Luckily for the upcoming project, it has one easy way to bring them both in.

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Martin & Niles’ Frasier Reboot Absences Explained

It took years for Grammer to launch the Frasier reboot. As he revealed, he actually reached out to David Hyde Pierce in the hopes that he would join the revival by reprising his role as Niles. Pierce, unfortunately, turned down the opportunity, explaining that he didn’t want to repeat his performance as the younger Crane, regardless of how good he was in the role. This shouldn’t be surprising for those who closely followed Pierce’s comments on being in the original Frasier as he has always been opposed to rebooting the show, explaining that he doesn’t want to mess with its legacy.

Meanwhile, John Mahoney’s death in 2018 is something that will be written into the Frasier reboot’s story. Grammer has promised that Martin will be honored in more ways than one in the show, although he hasn’t revealed how they will be able to do this. The Frasier reboot mirroring Frasier and Martin’s relationship progression via grown-up Freddy’s story will be one way to do this. It’s worth remembering that when Frasier first moved back to Seattle, he had been consistently in conflict with his father because of their inherent differences. Over time, however, they gradually developed a great rapport — something that Frasier is hoping to repeat with Freddy.

Martin’s Archival Family Footage Can Be Used In The Frasier Reboot

Martin in Frasier

The Frasier reboot’s way to ensure Niles and Martin’s appearance is buried in an old episode of the original series from 27 years ago. In Frasier season 3, episode 22, “Frasier Loves Roz,” which was released in 1996, the B-plot involved Frasier and Niles pestering Martin to do a videotape message about his life for future generations of Cranes. Despite repeatedly dismissing their efforts, he was eventually cornered by Niles with his camcorder, leaving him without a choice. Sitting in his iconic chair, Martin started seriously and then pretended to die in the middle of it. Niles turned the camera to his face to show his frustrations with his dad.

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Bringing the footage that Niles recorded that day into the Frasier reboot will allow the series to feature both Crane men. While using archival footage in shows is nothing new, this particular clip of Niles and Martin will be both funny and poignant, especially considering the Crane patriarch’s recent passing. It perfectly highlights how full of life and mischievous he could be. Paramount+ could utilize it as a way to further emphasize how much Martin meant to Frasier as he navigates his difficult relationship with his own son. Martin’s death joke could also help his family through their grieving period, seeing how comfortable he became with his mortality.

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How Martin’s Home Video Can Appear In The Frasier Reboot

Freddy, David, and Frasier in the Frasier revival

After Niles took the footage of his father, the show never revisited the idea again. Currently, it’s uncertain where the videotape is. However, considering Niles’ penchant for keeping a catalog of his things, not to mention Daphne’s existence, it’s possible that it remains in his possession. It didn’t seem like Frasier took it with him when he moved out of Seattle 19 years ago. Assuming that it is still with Niles, it will be fairly easy to access it in Boston even if he doesn’t make the cross-country trip thanks to David. Niles and Daphne’s grown son will also be a mainstay in the upcoming Frasier reboot.

David can be in possession of the aforementioned Crane videotape in the Frasier reboot. Whether Frasier remembers its existence or his nephew randomly brings it up is regardless. What’s important is that the Paramount+ endeavor can easily incorporate it into its storytelling. Unlike his cousin, Freddy didn’t grow up spending a lot of time with his grandfather, although he regularly visited Seattle during Frasier’s time living in the Emerald City. Watching the video could be Freddy’s way of connecting with Martin, especially since it seems like he takes after him more Frasier.

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Will Niles Ever Make An Appearance In The Frasier Reboot?

Niles Martin Crane all sitting in the living room in a cabin in Frasier

As previously mentioned, Pierce turned down Grammer’s invitation to join the Frasier reboot. The decision to see Frasier move back to Boston from Seattle stems from needing to explain Niles’ absence in the series. Given this, it’s safe to say that Martin’s youngest son won’t have any physical presence in the show, at least in its first season. However, this doesn’t mean that Pierce will never change his mind about the matter. If the freshman year of Frasier turns out to be well-thought-out and brilliant, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that he makes a cameo in the future.

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In any case, it shouldn’t be a problem incorporating Niles into the Frasier reboot’s story. For starters, David is already in Boston, so that’s a big enough reason for him and Daphne to fly into the city. Secondly, Niles seeing how Frasier is doing on the heels of Martin’s death also makes sense, especially knowing that his older brother is not only without a partner, but he’s also struggling to connect with his son. If a physical appearance cannot be arranged, Niles and Frasier communicating online is another way to feature the fan-favorite character in the new show.

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