Marvel’s Most Dangerous Mercenary is Hunting the New Spider-Man


Marvel’s Most Dangerous Mercenary is Hunting the New Spider-Man

The antihero Silver Sable has been hired to hunt Nightcrawler’s Uncanny Spider-Man, but the dangerous mercenary might just become an unlikely ally.


  • Silver Sable is hired to hunt down Nightcrawler, who has taken on a Spider-Man persona to fight against Orchis’ oppression.
  • Silver Sable has a romantic interest in Nightcrawler, who resembles her former crush, Spider-Man.
  • There is a possibility that Silver Sable may betray Orchis and her own team to help save Nightcrawler from their clutches.



Warning: contains spoilers for Uncanny Spider-Man #1As the X-Men’s Nightcrawler continues his wall-crawling heroics in the Fall of X era an iconic Spider-Man antihero, the mercenary Silver Sable, has begun hunting Kurt Wagner in Uncanny Spider-Man #1. Silvija Sablinova is perhaps Marvel Comics most dangerous mercenary, and although she has acted as a hero alongside Spider-Man in the past, she will also take on almost any job as long as it pays well enough.

The X-Men’s Fall of X era has seen the anti-mutant agency Orchis using a fierce propaganda machine to turn humanity fully against Krakoa and the mutants, which has forced mutants like Nightcrawler into the shadows. Kurt, who refuses to stop acting as a hero, has now adopted a Spider-Man persona to fight against Orchis’ oppression in New York City, prompting Orchis to hire the iconic Vulture to capture him.

Uncanny Spider-Man #1, from writer Si Spurrier and artists Lee Garbett and Matt Milla, reveals that Director Vulture of Orchis has now hired Sable to hunt down Nightcrawler.

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Nightcrawler And Silver Sable Are Starting An Unlikely Romance

USM Cover Nightcrawler Silver Sable Romance

Silver Sable debuted in 1985’s Amazing Spider-Man #265 as a merciless mercenary from the country of Symkaria, acting as the founder and owner of Silver Sable International. While Sablinova is definitely focused on getting as much money as she can from mercenary jobs, Peter Parker has explicitly said that much of this is an act, and Silver Sable will “put it all on the line for love.” The master martial artist and weaponry expert has saved Spider-Man on multiple occasions, and over the years developed intense romantic feelings for Parker, which have never been fully reciprocated in comics.

Silver Sable certainly has a type, as when she is reviewing Nightcrawler’s Orchis profile to prep for her newest mission, she calls Kurt cute. Nightcrawler has long been seen as a sex symbol, and with him now resembling Sable’s former crush Spider-Man it is no wonder that she is attracted to him. However, it seems like this time Silver Sable and Spider-Man might actually start a romantic relationship, with both the series writer Spurrier and covers from upcoming issues hinting that the two will begin an unlikely romance. Sablinova has always respected strong-willed and brave men, and Kurt Wagner is the epitome of this archetype, and his dedication to bringing down Orchis will probably only make Silver Sable more interested in him.

Silver Sable May Betray Orchis And Her Own Team

USM #3 Silver Sable and Nightcrawler

Uncanny Spider-Man #1 shows that Silver Sable, unsurprisingly, has not accepted Orchis and Vulture’s job offer because she believes in their goal, but because they are offering her an unseemly amount of money. In fact, when one of Sable’s team members starts to spew mutantphobic rhetoric she is quick to shut him down, stating she won’t have “xenophobic” talk like that from her team. Sable is someone with a long history of acting heroically against her better judgment, to fight injustice, and it is clear that in her battle against Kurt she is quickly going to see that she is on the wrong side of history.

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The question is whether Sable’s ethics, and her developing feelings for Nightcrawler, will cause her to betray Orchis, and her own team. Silver Sable has been a full-blown villain, a righteous antihero, and an ally of Spider-Man over the past 40 years, but only time will tell if Marvel’s most dangerous mercenary will reject the villainy of her own employer to help save Nightcrawler from Orchis.

Uncanny Spider-Man #1 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores.

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