Mothra's MonsterVerse Sacrifice Permanently Changed Godzilla in 1 Huge, Unseen Way


Mothra’s MonsterVerse Sacrifice Permanently Changed Godzilla in 1 Huge, Unseen Way

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Mothra sacrificed herself to save Godzilla, but it was revealed later that this changed him in a major way.


  • Mothra’s sacrifice in Godzilla: King of the Monsters helped Godzilla achieve his full potential.
  • Her death gave Godzilla a new perspective and made him the ruler of Earth’s entire ecosystem.
  • Mothra’s sacrifice upgraded Godzilla’s awareness, enabling him to overcome back-to-back battles and defeat Mechagodzilla alongside King Kong.



Mothra’s MonsterVerse sacrifice permanently changed Godzilla in one huge and unseen way. For almost 70 years, Godzilla has been a pop culture icon and has inspired an army of fellow kaiju, such as Mothra and Rodan. There have been several versions of Godzilla through the years, the most recent being Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse. Launched in 2014 with a new, American version of Godzilla, the franchise expanded with Kong: Skull Island a few years later.

In 2019, Godzilla: King of the Monsters brought Toho icons Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah into the modern era. Godzilla was seemingly defeated by King Ghidorah, but Mothra sacrificed herself to bring him back to life. It was a poignant moment and gave Godzilla the advantage he needed to defeat Ghidorah. The film was followed up by Godzilla vs. Kong, and in its official prequel, titled Godzilla: Dominion, fans learn that Mothra’s sacrifice from the previous movie helped Godzilla in a major and unexpected way.

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Mothra Helped Godzilla in a Huge Way

Godzilla: Dominion was written by Greg Keyes and drawn by Drew Johnson. Godzilla is roaming the world, searching for a new lair after his previous one was destroyed in King of the Monsters. Godzilla’s journey takes him to a desolate island, complete with jagged rocks. Godzilla takes in the world around him, his senses working overtime to process everything. Godzilla comes to understand it all: growth and decay, health and sickness, and the balance of nature. Godzilla then looks up and sees a bright vision of Mothra in the sky, and he realizes her sacrifice made these new insights possible.

Mothra’s Sacrifice Made Godzilla Realize His Full Potential

Godzilla looks up to seen an image of Mothra.

The MonsterVerse films have established that Godzilla is the Alpha of the Titans, the name given to Earth’s kaiju. Normally, Godzilla resides deep in the water, making him a creature of the depths, only rising to protect Earth and keep the other Titans in line. Yet, as revealed in Godzilla: Dominion, Mothra’s sacrifice gave Godzilla an entirely new perspective, one that makes all of Earth’s ecosystem his domain. Throughout the MonsterVerse films, it has been implied that Mothra had mystical powers and was a balance of sorts to Godzilla. Her sacrifice allowed Godzilla to achieve his full potential as King of the Monsters.

And Godzilla’s new levels of awareness came not a moment too soon. Shortly after the events of Dominion, Godzilla fought King Kong in a battle that nearly killed both. They then had to team up to stop a new version of Mechagodzilla. These two back-to-back battles nearly proved too much for Godzilla, but perhaps thanks to the upgrade he received from Mothra’s sacrifice, he was able to pull through and help King Kong defeat Mechagodzilla. Thanks to her magical nature, Mothra is continually reborn, meaning she could return to help Godzilla again in his hour of need. Her first sacrifice changed the King of Monsters and the MonsterVerse in a very fundamental way.

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