Ms. Marvel's Mutant Power Is Reality-Warping Fanfiction - X-Men Fan Theory Explained


Ms. Marvel’s Mutant Power Is Reality-Warping Fanfiction – X-Men Fan Theory Explained

Kamala Khan has enough on her plate right now without trying to figure out what her latent mutant powers are, but one fan theory may reveal all.

Warning! Spoilers for Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #2 ahead!Ms. Marvel was already stretchy, but now she’s really feeling the strain as the newest member of the X-Men. Anti-mutant sentiment is at an all-time high, just as she’s trying to lie low and investigate a secret Orchis base at Empire State University. The recently resurrected Ms. Marvel was also discovered to have the mutant gene, though even she doesn’t know what her mutant power is yet. The answers she’s really looking for could be in the haunting nightmares she’s been having.



Clues about Kamala Khan’s mutant power may have been dropped in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #2, by Iman Vellani (who plays Kamala in the MCU), Sabir Pirzada, Carlos Gomez, and Adam Gorham. After being resurrected as a mutant, Kamala is feeling wary of her many attachments.

Her nightmares show her being hunted by all of her many teams – Champions, Avengers, Inhumans, and now X-Men. Ultimately, she finds herself chased back to the egg she was resurrected from, being spoken to by a strange figure who is closer to her than she realizes.

Ms. Marvel: A Superhero Fan’s Superhero Fan

Kamala Khan with fanworks

The figure in her nightmares looks like Silver Surfer wearing Doctor Strange’s cloak, but it’s not until Kamala talks out her dreams with her best friend Bruno that she realizes who he could be: a fan character she made up named “Cosmic Sorcerer.” Her excuse for not previously remembering the character is that she makes “a LOT of fanfics.” Searching for fanart of him that she once made, readers see her discard images for Kaptain Karachi (a Pakistani riff on Captain America), Galaspider-Boy (a combination of Galactus and Spider-Man), and a 6-foot-tall Wolverine.

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Given that she’s such an avid fan of Marvel heroes and is always shown making original characters and writing fanfic, one fan theory is that her mutant powers have reality-warping abilities to manifest her ideas. Being able to bring her imagination to life would be an amazing step for the character, making her even more of a fan favorite. Though as fans already know with fellow mutant Scarlet Witch, reality-changing powers aren’t all fun and games.

At the end of Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #2, Kamala allows the Cosmic Sorcerer to take her on a journey to the center of her “own fanfiction-filled head trip,” showing one character she’s already given life to. However, as she has to be reminded of his existence, she’s not yet conscious of her potential true power. Thus far, her latent mutant power has remained undetected by Orchis and their Stark Sentinels. So while awakening her mutant abilities is a big step forward for Ms. Marvel, it could also put her in immense danger.

Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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