My Hero Academia Found The Perfect Way To Defeat Its Big Villain


My Hero Academia Found The Perfect Way To Defeat Its Big Villain

My Hero Academia made All for One basically unbeatable, but the series finally found a way to bring down its main villain that makes perfect sense.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter #402My Hero Academia fans have recently criticized the fact that All for One seems to have one of the best plot armors in manga, always pulling up a solution for any predicament, but the series has finally come up with a great way to defeat its unbeatable villain. All for One’s desire to cause suffering ultimately hindered his own plans, giving All Might the perfect opportunity to take him down for good.



Chapter #402 of My Hero Academia saw All for One finally drawing close enough to Shigaraki to activate his “Gloop Warp” Quirk, but Shigaraki shut him down, refusing the interference in his battle, even if it was meant to help him. Despite having inflicted likely fatal injuries on All Might, All for One wasn’t content to let the former #1 hero die like that. Instead, All for One opted to drag the beaten body of All Might with him, with the full intention of killing All Might in front of Midoriya, to try to destroy his resolve. This gave All Might the opportunity to pull off one last, seemingly suicidal attack, detonating a Bakugo-inspired gauntlet on his arm to take the villain out with him.

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All for One’s Cruelty Is His Greatest Weakness

Had he simply left All Might for dead, or not engaged with him in the first place, All for One could’ve easily made it to Shigaraki and executed his plan to give him a copy of his Quirk, which would likely leave Shigaraki almost unstoppable. Instead, due to his desire to inflict pain and vengeance on those who’ve stood against him, he underestimated All Might’s resolve and left himself open for this explosive attack. All Might even warned All for One in previous chapters that he was “not here to lose,” and yet in his arrogance, All for One couldn’t even believe that All Might was still a threat.

It’s poetic, in a sense, that a villain is taken down by his own cruelty and hubris, especially someone like All for One who has for so long acted as if he’s above anything his foes can deploy against him. By giving in to his desires for vengeance, he proved that he is not the master strategist and manipulator that he claims to be, but just another criminal with some exceptional power. No matter how much All for One might talk about grandiose visions of a future where he rules all, he proved that his real motivation is to hurt those who’ve refused to kneel to him. This also addresses fans’ criticism regarding All for One always escaping defeat due to some unexpected plan or countermeasure, which many defined as an example of “plot armor”.

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My Hero Academia Stripped All For One Of His Plot Armor At The Best Time

My Hero Academia: All for One's Ultimate Quirk combo.

The outcome of this fight was left as a cliffhanger, so whether All Might actually took out All for One remains up in the air for now. Regardless of whether this was All for One’s final defeat, though, it was the definitive proof that the villain’s arrogance and cruelty are his biggest weaknesses and that they’re easily exploitable. Even if All for One does survive, the Rewind drug he took may well have turned him into a defenseless baby by this point. Either way, My Hero Academia has found the perfect way to take down its seemingly undefeatable villain.

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