Netflix Tumbles In New Streaming Service Ranking, Now Behind Apple TV+ & Paramount+


Netflix Tumbles In New Streaming Service Ranking, Now Behind Apple TV+ & Paramount+

Netflix tumbles down in a new streaming service ranking highlighting customer satisfaction, placing it behind Apple TV+ and Paramount+.


  • Netflix has fallen to sixth place in overall customer satisfaction among streaming services, trailing behind Apple TV+ and Paramount+.
  • Despite ranking first in user experience and program suggestions, Netflix came in last for its perceived value.
  • Changes like cracking down on password sharing and potential price increases may contribute to Netflix’s declining customer satisfaction.



A new report about customer satisfaction with streaming services reveals Netflix has tumbled to sixth place, putting it behind Apple TV+ and Paramount+. Each year, Whip Media releases a Streaming Satisfaction Report, detailing how satisfied customers are with different streaming services overall. While Netflix was ranked in second place in 2021, they fell to fourth place in 2022.

According to Variety, Whip Media’s 2023 Streaming Satisfaction Report puts Netflix in sixth place overall in a list of eight total streaming services. Despite ranking first for user experience and program suggestions, the service came in last for its “perceived value.” Overall, this puts Netflix behind relatively new streaming platforms like Apple TV+ and Paramount+, but ahead of Prime Video and Peacock. Max ended up taking the first place spot for having the most satisfied customers among all popular streaming services.

Why Netflix Satisfaction Is Getting Lower

Netflix has been making many changes over the past year that may have impacted its overall customer satisfaction rating. Most recently, Netflix cracked down on password sharing, which resulted in an increased number of subscribers to the platform. While this has inspired other streamers like Disney+ and Hulu to follow in their footsteps, the decision may have negatively impacted Netflix’s reputation with customers taking advantage of password sharing.

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Netflix may continue to struggle with customer satisfaction in the future as well. A recent report suggests Netflix may be planning another price increase in the U.S. and Canada, despite already having the most expensive Premium plan out of all streaming services. It’s possible that as Netflix and other streaming services continue to raise their prices in the future, customer satisfaction will continue to degrade, leading to people unsubscribing from the service.

Netflix also has much more competition in 2023 than in previous years, which could impact how satisfied customers are when comparing it to newer platforms. This means the platform will have to consider what other services are doing to satisfy customers in order to raise their ranking. While Netflix may not cancel the most shows – and may have started the streaming service boom – customer satisfaction is still an important aspect the service needs to consider more going forward.

Source: Variety

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