New American Horror Story Season 12 Detail Boosts Theories Of A Coven Crossover


New American Horror Story Season 12 Detail Boosts Theories Of A Coven Crossover

There’s a huge hint in Danielle Valentine’s book Delicate Condition that American Horror Story: Delicate could do a crossover with Coven.

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for American Horror Story: Delicate episode 1 and the book Delicate Condition.




  • American Horror Story: Delicate might feature a crossover with Coven, exploring the connection between witches and the new season’s storyline.
  • The book Delicate Condition, which the season is based on, hints at a coven of witches and a shocking twist ending that could be included in the show.
  • While Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters won’t be returning, there are ways for American Horror Story: Delicate to connect to the Coven season, such as referencing characters through conversation or flashbacks. The show has handled dual casting before, so Emma Roberts playing two characters could be plausible.

American Horror Story: Delicate could feature a crossover with the show’s third season, American Horror Story: Coven. The 12th installment of the anthology series is based on the book Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine. The plot follows a young actress named Anna Alcott and her experience trying to conceive a child with her husband, and there may be a strong connection between the new season and a character from Coven.

American Horror Story: Delicate‘s premiere episode borrowed many elements of Valentine’s book, hinting it will continue to follow the same storyline. If this is the case, it won’t be long before the topic of witches and covens comes up in the Emma Roberts-led season. Since Ryan Murphy seems to be a fan of crossover seasons, American Horror Story: Coven may play a role in the latest season.

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Delicate Condition Hints American Horror Story Season 12 Is A Coven Crossover

Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine has a pretty shocking twist ending that connects the mysterious occurrences in the book to a coven of witches. In the book, it turns out Anna’s friend, Siobhan, is actually a part of a coven, and this is how she saves Anna’s baby after she has a miscarriage. Since American Horror Story: Delicate is based on the book, it will likely feature this ending, and it isn’t the first time American Horror Story has tackled covens or witches.

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The show’s third season, American Horror Story: Coven, centered on a group of witches, so there’s a good chance Ryan Murphy might be doing another crossover this season. American Horror Story has featured several crossovers since its premiere, such as including the character Pepper in both American Horror Story: Asylum and American Horror Story: Freak Show. However, the biggest crossover occurred during American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which featured characters from Murder House, Coven, and American Horror Story: Hotel.

With the latest season of the horror series having a connection to covens, it wouldn’t be surprising if Murphy decided to connect it to season 3 and bring back some of the characters from that season. Though it’s been confirmed Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters won’t be returning for American Horror Story season 12, there are other ways to connect the seasons. The show could name-drop the characters or have new actors come in and play new witches that are a part of the same coven from season 3, even if they didn’t appear in the show back then.

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American Horror Story Season 12 Already Teased A Big Coven Connection

Emma Roberts with a spider over here in the AHS: Delicate poster crop

The idea that Ryan Murphy might have a Coven crossover planned is not something new and predates the premiere episode. An American Horror Story: Coven crossover looked like a possibility back in August when the season posters were revealed. In the posters, Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian are posed with giant spiders on them, which might be a reference to Taissa Farmiga’s character Zoe Benson, who was known for her “Black Widow” powers.

There has been no news that Farmiga might return to the show, and she hasn’t made an appearance on American Horror Story since the eighth season. However, even if she doesn’t make an appearance in American Horror Story: Delicate, the other characters could reference her through conversation or flashbacks to season 3. There are rarely any coincidences when it comes to American Horror Story‘s complex plots, so it’s likely the spider is an Easter egg for Farmiga’s Coven character.

How American Horror Story Could Handle Emma Roberts’ Dual Casting

Emma Roberts in American Horror Story: Delicate

One of the major contradictions that would occur if American Horror Story: Delicate did a Coven crossover is how Emma Roberts could play both Anna and Madison from Coven. This would be especially difficult since Roberts is playing the main character in the season. However, American Horror Story has had actors play dual roles before. In American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Farmiga played her Murder House character Violet Harmon and her Coven character Zoe Benson. There is even a scene where Madison goes to the Murder House to speak to Violet and never acknowledges the striking similarities between her and Zoe.

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While it may have felt weird to see one actress play two characters and have no one acknowledge they look like the same person, it worked for Apocalypse, and it could work again in American Horror Story: Delicate. However, it would be even more interesting if somehow American Horror Story connected Anna to Madison’s character. The series has done a lot of jumping around on timelines in the past, and there may be a way they could justify how Anna and Madison look the same and are both a part of a coven.

New episodes of American Horror Story: Delicate premiere Wednesdays on FX.

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