Power Girl Reveals New Name Now She's Officially Part of the Superman Family


Power Girl Reveals New Name Now She’s Officially Part of the Superman Family

Power Girl has often been the black sheep of the Superman Family, but her new identity proves she’s finally taken her place in the House of El.


  • Power Girl has a new identity as Dr. Paige Stetler, the Daily Planet’s newest tech columnist, showcasing her dedication to saving the world both in and out of costume.
  • Power Girl’s new role aligns her with the rest of the Superman Family, as they all take a more active role in shaping the world beyond fighting villains.
  • With her scientific prowess and commitment to sustainability, Power Girl’s new identity as Dr. Paige Stetler allows her to distinguish herself from Supergirl and further establish her own unique place within the DC Universe.



Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Power Girl #1Out of many heavy hitters within the Superman Family, Power Girl’s place in the world has always been one of the most mercurial. As an older multiversal variant of the beloved Supergirl, Power Girl — once known as Kara Zor-L — has often been treated as Supergirl-lite both within continuity and by DC Comics. But with the launch of her newest solo adventure, Power Girl once again has a new identity all her own — and an important new status within the DCU to go along with it.

Power Girl #1 by Leah Williams, Eduardo Pansica, Júlio Ferreira, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Becca Carey finds the titular character hosting a black-tie benefit for sustainable tech in her new role as Dr. Paige Stetler – the Daily Planet’s newest tech columnist.

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Announcing an auction of intergalactic artifacts with the proceeds going to SteelWorks emergent technologies’ research and development, she perfectly sums up her new mission when she tells the audience, “There is no better tomorrow without first building our better now.” This exciting public debut of Dr. Stetler makes it clear that she’s just as dedicated to saving the world out of costume as she is alongside Superman and the rest of the family.

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Power Girl Becomes Dr. Paige Stetler

Power Girl New Identity

With the Superman Family as a whole is taking a more active role in shaping the world outside simply stopping asteroids and supervillains, Paige is yet another member of the Family of Steel using more than just their strength to save the day. Even Power Girl herself says that lately she’s been feeling like a more active member of Superman’s family than ever before, and the extended House of El have made it clear that they consider her to be one of their own. With that in mind, her newly debuted name and role as a tech columnist for the Daily Planet mirrors the classic Superman trope shared by her cousin, Clark Kent, while also bringing her closer to the Kryptonian family for which she’s been longing.

The name Dr. Paige Stetler may be new, but this isn’t the first time that Power Girl has used her scientific prowess and technological experience to better the world. After all, in her previous Karen Starr identity, she used her tech firm Starrware Industries to help lead the world into a better tomorrow. Paige’s new identity and mission make it clear that this goal of sustainability is still one near and dear to her, only this time, she’s building to this future alongside the rest of the Superman Family, all while crafting an identity that’s uniquely her own, further distinguishing herself from this universe’s Supergirl: Kara Zor-El.

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There’s More to Power Girl than Pure Power

Power Girl Punching Glass

Power Girl is a fan-favorite character for countless reasons, and one of those is her dedication to making the world a better place using every tool at her disposal. That may mean frequently flying headfirst into danger and punching out whatever villain is unfortunate enough to get in her way, but in Power Girl’s new identity as Dr. Paige Stetler, the black sheep of the Superman Family has found yet another way to save the day.

Power Girl #1 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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