Ryan Phillippe Reviews The Facts Of Abigail Breslin's Case In Miranda's Victim Clip


Ryan Phillippe Reviews The Facts Of Abigail Breslin’s Case In Miranda’s Victim Clip

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a clip from new movie Miranda’s Victim, based on a true story and starring Abigail Breslin alongside Ryan Phillippe.


  • Director Michelle Danner delves into the origins of the famous Miranda warning in her true crime drama, Miranda’s Victim.
  • The film follows Trish Weir after her kidnapping and assault, and explores the legal proceedings surrounding her case.
  • Miranda’s Victim features a talented ensemble cast, including Abigail Breslin, Luke Wilson, and Ryan Phillippe, and provides an exclusive look into the trial and its aftermath.



Director Michelle Danner explores the origins of the universally recognized Miranda warning in her new movie Miranda’s Victim. The true crime drama, which arrives in select theaters and On Demand on October 6, follows eighteen-year-old Trish Weir (Abigail Breslin) after her kidnapping and sexual assault in 1963. The namesake of both the law and the film, Ernesto Miranda (Sebastian Quinn), is taken in after confessing without legal representation — but his verdict is overturned after serving a two-year sentence.

Miranda’s Victim also stars Luke Wilson as the prosecutor who attempts to restore Ernesto’s sentence in the retrial, as well as Ryan Phillippe as the defense attorney determined to undermine Trish’s story. Most audiences and true crime enthusiasts know what the Miranda warning entails, but few are aware of how it came into place and what it represents for the justice system. Check out the exclusive clip below for more context on the trial, as well as a stellar performance from Breslin.

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More About Miranda’s Victim

In Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip from Miranda’s Victim, Ryan Phillippe’s John Flynn settles in to read through the events of the trial. The scene flashes to Abigail Breslin’s Trish Weir testimony, which is being viciously cross-examined. Though she has already been forced to recount the horrible rape and kidnapping that she endured, the defense questions the veracity of her statements and bulldozes her into acknowledging that it may have been too dark to see, after all.

Miranda’s Victim will be in select theaters and available On Demand on October 6. The thriller has a runtime of 126 minutes and is not yet rated. Michelle Danner directs a screenplay penned by J. Craig Stiles from a story by Stiles, George Kolber, and Richard Lasser. The movie also stars Emily VanCamp, Mireille Enos, Enrique Murciano, Josh Bowman, Brent Sexton, Taryn Manning, Nolan Gould, Dan Lauria, Michael Mulheren, Kyle MacLachlan, Andy Garcia and Donald Sutherland.

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