Sex Education's Roman Actor Explains The Significance Of Season 4's Trans Sex Scene


Sex Education’s Roman Actor Explains The Significance Of Season 4’s Trans Sex Scene

Sex Education season 4 star Felix Mufti explains the importance of the trans sex scene in the new season, describing it as joyous and beautiful.

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Sex Education season 4.




  • Sex Education season 4 continues to explore pertinent and sensitive topics relating to sex, including more inclusive identities and representation for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The show’s trans sex scene between Roman and Abi is significant because it depicts trans people having sex on their own terms, showcasing autonomy over their bodies.
  • The inclusion of trans characters and their experiences, such as gender dysphoria and healthcare challenges, serves to portray the realities faced by trans individuals.

Sex Education season 4 star Felix Mufti points out the importance and significance of the trans sex scene in the show’s latest season. This critically acclaimed comedic-drama series which initially premiered in 2019 follows the various intertwined lives of parents, students and staff of the fictional Moordale Secondary School and their numerous conundrums which often pertains to sexual intimacy. Since its release, the show has been lauded for its willingness to explore topics related to identity, self-love or sexual exploration as well as storylines about the LGBTQ+ community. The fourth and final season, which was released earlier in the month, continues in its exploration of pertinent and sometimes sensitive topics relating to sex, and this time, it examines even more inclusive identities.

Speaking to Gay Times following the release of Sex Education season 4, Felix Mufti, the actor and drag performer who plays Roman opens up the significance of the groundbreaking trans sex scene between them and Abi on the show. They explain that not only do you not see trans people having sex on TV, but in the rare case that it’s portrayed, it’s never on their own terms. They describe the scene as “joyous and beautiful“, stating that it was an honor to be involved in such a trailblazing trans storyline. Read their full quote below:

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You never see two trans people having sex, ever, especially on their terms. Roman and Abbi get to have sex as trans people and say, ‘This is how we have sex and autonomy over our bodies’. It was so incredible because we really got to decide how our characters had sex. Everyone has sex in different ways, obviously, but when you add a trans layer to that, it’s even more heightened. It can be even more complex and comes with more intricacies. For me, that was another priceless thing where we felt like we were creating a queer archive for people to relate to. T4T people never see representation on the TV, so the fact that we could be the faces and the voices and the bodies behind that was really special.

Sex Education Got Queer & Trans Representation Right

From the inception of Sex Education, it was clear that the showrunners were very particular about exploring sex in a healthy, unexaggerated, and realistic way. But another thing they were clearly particular about was representation, making sure to cater to people of various orientations and identities. In season 3, Cal, a non-binary student, was seamlessly introduced to the show’s expansive cast, ensuring representation for the LGBTQ+ community. The most important thing about their inclusion on the show was how normal it was made to seem. They weren’t a “special character” neither were they made to have a special episode. They were just like every other student in Moordale.

Season 4 introduces even more trans characters in Roman and Abi and this affords the showrunners an opportunity to tackle experiences like gender dysphoria and also portray the bleak realities of what healthcare is like for trans people. In addition, the casting for these particular roles were done by an open call, and this was an attempt to bypass the systemic issues that keep trans people from getting opportunities such as this one in the first place.

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In writing this final season of Sex Education, it has been reported that the showrunners brought in different groups of story consultants to constantly advise them, steer them in the right direction, and to point out if they were doing anything particularly harmful, silly, or wrong. While the reception to this final season have been mixed so far, due to a number of reasons, if there’s one thing they undoubtedly got right, it’s the representation of queer and trans people.

Source: Gay Times

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