Sinister Director Addresses Potential Franchise Return After “Misfire” Sinister 2


Sinister Director Addresses Potential Franchise Return After “Misfire” Sinister 2

Sinister director Scott Derrickson addresses the possibility of a potential return for the horror franchise after the “misfire” that was Sinister 2.


  • Sinister director Scott Derrickson admits that Sinister 2 was a disappointment but still sees potential for the franchise to continue.
  • If Sinister 3 were to happen, it could explore the characters from Sinister 2 or take a standalone approach, telling its own story.
  • Another Sinister film could delve deeper into the demonic force Bughuul’s history, with characters trying to stop it from taking children’s souls.



Sinister director Scott Derrickson has opened up about the possibility of the franchise returning following what he sees as a rather disappointing sequel. The first movie followed Ethan Hawke’s Ellison Oswalt, a writer who discovers gruesome old films in his new home that seem supernatural in origin. While the original film was well-received, Sinister 2 ended up having a negative reception and a much less impressive box office performance.

Speaking with Inverse, Derrickson expressed interest in coming back to the world of Sinister in a future film. He admitted the sequel was not as good as the first film, but indicated there could be some ideas used for another follow-up. Check out what Derrickson had to say below:

Possibly. It’s a really interesting world. It’s really unfortunate that Sinister 2 was a misfire, but I do think there’s a lot of things that are special about it, and I certainly think it merits more exploration if we can do it in a better way.

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What Could Sinister 3 Look Like?

If Sinister 3 were to happen, it would likely take place after the second film despite its poor reception. This means the movie could explore what happens to Deputy So-and-So, Courtney, and Dylan from Sinister 2. However, the film could also take the approach of being a standalone sequel to the original, acknowledging the second movie exists while telling its own story.

A new Sinister film could explore the demonic force Bughuul in more detail, showcasing even more of its history prior to the events of the movie series. Building on the first film’s discovery of the entity, a new movie could feature a group of characters trying to stop Bughuul from taking the souls of more children. If a new film saw Bughuul stopped, this could provide a good bookend to the franchise as a whole.

It’s also possible – though unlikely – that the shelved Sinister and Insidious crossover could come back to life, tying the franchises together. However, given the definitive ending of Insidious: The Red Door, it’s unlikely the Sinister franchise will be tied into it. Instead, if the series were to return, it would need to prioritize following the story from the original and expanding its world in a satisfying way.

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