"SPOT-ON": Rick & Morty Fans Are Super Impressed With Justin Roiland's Replacement Voice Casting


“SPOT-ON”: Rick & Morty Fans Are Super Impressed With Justin Roiland’s Replacement Voice Casting

Fans of the Rick and Morty franchise have taken to social media to express their satisfaction with Justin Roiland’s replacement voice casting.


  • Fans are excited and satisfied with the new voice actors for Rick and Morty, saying they are spot-on and sound just like Justin Roiland.
  • The show has successfully replaced Roiland with similar-sounding voice actors, and the season 7 trailer has been receiving largely positive feedback.
  • Despite Roiland’s departure, most fans are impressed with the quality of the new voices and believe the show’s success will not solely depend on Roiland’s involvement.



Fans of the Rick and Morty franchise have expressed their excitement and satisfaction at the replacement voice actors for Justin Roiland. The animated science fiction sitcom, which was originally created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, initially premiered back in 2013. It follows the intergalactic and inter-dimensional misadventures of sociopathic genius scientist Rick Sanchez and his less-than-average, overly anxious grandson Morty Smith. After six seasons of the Emmy Award-winning show, Adult Swim cut ties with Justin Roiland amid various serious allegations. During his time working on the show, Roiland voiced both Rick and Morty, but following his dismissal, new voice actora have been recast to take up voicing the shows two main characters.

After the recent release of the Rick & Morty season 7 trailer, fans of the beloved franchise have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on the new voice actors who have replaced Roiland and the comments have been mostly positive. Check out a selection below:

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@ducus10000 on Twitter says the new voice actors are “SPOT-ON” with the voices for Rick and Morty, adding that one could easily forget Roiland initially voiced both characters.

Another fan, @DJWarnerStage, echoes a similar sentiment, stating that the news voice are “actually really spot on“.

@Damonwood10 also agrees that the showrunners got very similar sounding voice actors to replace Roiland.

Julia Glassman, an animation supervisor on Rick and Morty, says the new voice actors have been absolutely knocking it out of the park and adds that the new forthcoming season looks and sounds even better than it did in the past.

@VoicesByZane notes that the new voices sound “absurdly close” to what Roiland had done in the past.

@ChrisMcFeely echoes that sentiment, and is glad it doesn’t just “sound like bloke down the pub swearing he does a spot-on Rick.

Lastly, @Srirachachau remarks on how funny it is that the series didn’t have a “hard time at all replacing Roiland“.

Was Replacing Justin Roiland With A Soundalike A Good Idea?

After Roiland was initially charged with domestic battery and false imprisonment in January of this year, numerous other accusers came forward with similar allegations against him. Following this news, Adult Swim dismissed Roiland and updated fans that they were in the process of recasting a new voice actor to replace him. Even though the charges brought against the 43-year-old were dropped in March on the basis of insufficient evidence, several other women and nonbinary persons have come out once again to allege the voice actor and animator tried to make inappropriate sexual advances towards them in the past.

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Now, since the release of the new trailer, fans have lauded the showrunners for replacing Roiland with someone that sounds just like him. In contrast, the Solar Opposites’ showrunners who also let go of Roiland following the news of his allegations recast him with a completely different sounding actor. The rationale behind this was that there weren’t simply looking to gloss over Roiland’s dismissal and if they had replaced him with someone who sounds just like him, they would feel like they were simply doing a “cover song”.

While Roiland was undoubtedly a major appeal of Rick and Morty, especially because fans of the sitcom have become so used to his voice, he is not the show’s only appeal. An argument can be made that changing the voices of the main characters after six seasons could have been jarring, but on the flipside it also begs the question: was Roiland the center of the show’s universe? If so, should the show be trying to impersonate someone who has clearly shown to be of very questionable character? That’s certainly a debate audiences will have once Rick and Morty returns for season 7, but judging by these reactions to the new voices, it’s clear Roiland wasn’t as integral to the show’s success as previously thought.

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