Star Wars Theory Reveals Thrawn Is The Real Reason The New Republic Failed


Star Wars Theory Reveals Thrawn Is The Real Reason The New Republic Failed

This new theory suggests Grand Admiral Thrawn was the real reason why the New Republic government failed during the sequel Star Wars trilogy.


  • Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return to the Star Wars galaxy may lead to the downfall of the New Republic government due to his strategic expertise and ability to dismantle opposition.
  • Mon Mothma, a key leader in the New Republic, held the government together with her experience and ability to unite, but her absence leaves the government vulnerable to the rise of the First Order.
  • Without Mon Mothma’s knowledge and leadership, the weaknesses of the New Republic could be exploited by figures like Thrawn, ultimately leading to the government’s collapse.



The Ahsoka season 1 finale has officially brought Grand Admiral Thrawn back to the main Star Wars galaxy, but a new theory predicts he’s the real reason the New Republic failed. The New Republic era of Star Wars has largely gone unexplored compared to other eras of the galaxy, but the string of Star Wars Disney+ TV shows by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni has started to change that. It’s known from the sequel Star Wars trilogy that the New Republic government was destined to fall, but there have been hints at the new government’s glaring failures fifteen years before the New Republic is decimated by the First Order.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn was one of the best, if not the best, strategists in the Empire, and was one of the highest-ranking non-humans. Thrawn’s best asset was his patience, which often allowed his opposition to make a mistake and show their cards. Thrawn was originally introduced in Timothy Zahn’s Legends book Heir to the Empire, and he was reintroduced into canon in Star Wars Rebels season 3, where he exuded many of the same traits as the original version of the character. Considering Thrawn’s reputation as an expert strategist, he may be the one who begins dismantling the New Republic government.

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Mon Mothma Was The Glue That Held The New Republic Together

One of the New Republic’s greatest strengths was its leader, Mon Mothma. Mothma was a member of the Senate during the Republic and Imperial eras and was actively working against Palpatine even during the Clone Wars. Mothma would go on to be a leader in the Rebellion and was key to their success. After winning the war against the Empire, Mothma took on the role of Chancellor, and immediately backpedaled on some of Palpatine’s final acts as Chancellor. One of these was the emergency powers granted to him by the Senate when the Clone Wars began. This extra power was one of the things that eventually allowed Palpatine to become Emperor.

It’s not known exactly when Mon Mothma steps down as Chancellor of the New Republic, but it’s sometime after the events of Ahsoka season 1, which takes place around 12 ABY – or 12 years after the events of A New Hope. The next known Chancellor is Lanever Villecham, who earned his title just two years before the events of the sequel Star Wars trilogy and the destruction of the New Republic government. It’s unclear, however, how many Chancellors there were between Mothma and Villecham, but audiences may learn more as the era is explored. Without Mon Mothma at the helm of the New Republic, it was more susceptible to the rise of the First Order, and its collapse seemed inevitable.

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Mon Mothma had the New Republic’s capitol move planets every few years, one of which included her homeworld of Chandrila.

Grand Admiral Thrawn Could Be The Reason Mon Mothma Steps Down

While the future of the New Republic era isn’t entirely clear, it seems another war is inevitable with Thrawn back in the main Star Wars galaxy. Considering Thrawn essentially snuck back into the galaxy right under Mon Mothma’s and the New Republic’s noses, calls could be made for the leader to step down. It would be one of Mothma’s biggest failures as a leader, and it would most definitely be seen as scandalous. Additionally, senators such as Hamato Xiono are exceptionally vocal about things they disagree with, meaning he or someone like him could call for a vote of no confidence.

It’s also possible that Mothma steps down due to illness. In the Legends Jedi Academy trilogy, Mon Mothma was poisoned by Imperials after their defeat, and this may be another aspect of Legends that Dave Filoni brings into canon. Filoni has already been slowly reintroducing aspects of Legends back into Star Wars canon, most notably starting with Thrawn himself, which makes this possibility even more likely. The stress of running the galaxy and being poisoned by her opposition could lead Mon Mothma to retire and step down as Chancellor, ultimately leaving the New Republic weaker in her wake.

Without Mon Mothma, The New Republic’s Fate Was Sealed

Mon Mothma looking terrified at the idea of Thrawn in Ahsoka

Mon Mothma had lived through and been a part of two failed government systems, meaning she knew how to and how not to run the New Republic government. Without her vast knowledge and experience, it seemed the New Republic was destined to fail. Even if Mon Mothma were to relay all of her knowledge to her successor, they couldn’t have overseen the New Republic government like she could. The way she was able to bring unity amidst division, as seen in Claudia Gray’s 2016 novel Bloodline, was something no other politician or leader could ever recreate – not even Leia Organa herself. In her absence, the weaknesses already seen in titles such as The Mandalorian and Ahsoka will continue to be exploited by players like Thrawn until the government ultimately falls.

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