Stephen Amell’s Reaction To Grant Gustin Next To Oliver Queen’s Grave Meme Is Even Harsher Now


Stephen Amell’s Reaction To Grant Gustin Next To Oliver Queen’s Grave Meme Is Even Harsher Now

Now that Grant Gustin has recreated the meme featuring The Flash star next to Oliver Queen’s grave, Stephen Amell’s original reaction is even worse.


  • Stephen Amell’s initial reaction to the meme of Grant Gustin next to Oliver Queen’s grave was harsh, as he told everyone who reuses it to “kindly f-ck off.”
  • Recently, Grant Gustin recreated the meme at a convention, which makes Amell’s reaction appear even harsher now.
  • The meme of Gustin next to the grave has become a popular and beloved part of Arrow’s legacy, despite Amell’s disapproval.



In light of Grant Gustin recreating the meme of him posing next to Oliver Queen’s grave from the set of Arrow, DC star Stephen Amell’s initial reaction comes across as even harsher. The Arrow series finale dealt with the aftermath of series protagonist, Oliver Queen (Amell), dying during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Given the interweaving stories of the Arrowverse, it made sense for other characters, like Gustin’s Barry Allen, to attend Oliver’s funeral, which is how the meme was spawned.

Some of Arrow’s best episodes were those that crossed over with The Flash because of Oliver Queen’s friendship with Barry Allen, but the Green Arrow series was still the show that launched the whole Arrowverse, and Amell didn’t take kindly to the meme-ification of his character’s gave. In 2021, Amell posted a response to the Arrow grave meme.

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Amell wrote, “Could everyone who repurposes this photo kindly f-ck off.” Though the actor didn’t explicitly state his feelings about the meme, it’s clear Amell doesn’t appreciate its popularity or continued use online. Now, considering a new photo of Gustin, Amell’s reaction feels even harsher.

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Why Stephen Amell’s The Flash Meme Reaction Is Harsher Now

Recently, Gustin recreated the meme of him next to Oliver Queen’s grave, posing with a fan at a photo opportunity during a convention. The fan was dressed as Oliver Queen’s grave, while Gustin crouched next to him and held up his hand in a peace sign, looking like he was laughing while the photo was being taken. It’s a humorous recreation of the original photo that became a meme, but it also means Gustin can count himself among those that Amell told to “kindly f-ck off.”

Of course, Amell likely never intended to include Gustin, or any of his co-stars, when giving his honest reaction to the meme. But in retrospect, Amell’s negative response to the Oliver Queen grave meme does seem even harsher considering how good-humored Gustin appears to be in the new photo with fans. Considering it’s been almost two years since Amell offered his reaction to the meme, perhaps it’s grown on him. Or, at least, he doesn’t begrudge Gustin for recreating it. But without any additional comment from the actor, how Amell feels about the meme now remains to be seen.

The Flash Next To Oliver Queen’s Grave Meme Explained

Grant Gustin on Arrow series finale set

The original photo of Gustin by Oliver Queen’s grave was posted to Instagram by Arrow star Echo Kellum in January 2020 and featured other members of the show’s cast, including Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy and Rick Gonzalez. Though the original post has since been removed, a screenshot lives on via Know Your Meme, and the photo itself has been edited countless times into meme form. The unedited version of the meme made a resurgence earlier this year following Amell’s criticism of the SAG-AFTRA strike. While Amell may not appreciate the meme’s popularity, it’s certainly become part of the legacy of Arrow, and will continue to be used—and loved—by fans.

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