Stephen King's Children Of The Corn Get Horrific Update In Upsetting Art


Stephen King’s Children Of The Corn Get Horrific Update In Upsetting Art

An online content creator uses AI artwork to depict a horrifying new interpretation of the iconic characters from the Children of the Corn movies.


  • Creepy AI-generated artwork reimagines the Children of the Corn.
  • The iconic Children of the Corn franchise follows a cultlike group of children who murder adults over the age of 19.
  • The new artwork gives the Children of the Corn a different look, presenting them in an undead style.



The deadly youthful antagonists at the center of the Children of the Corn have been reimagined in creepy new AI art. The long-running franchise began in 1984 with the movie of the same name, which is adapted from a 1977 Stephen King short story. It follows a group of children in the rural United States who worship a being known as He Who Walks Behind the Rows and murder any adults over the age of 19. The franchise has since expanded to include a total of 11 movies.

Content creator ShatteredAI has shared a new set of AI-generated artwork images inspired by the Children of the Corn franchise. Check them out below:

The gallery of images presents three different interpretations of the titular children. They are largely shown as rotting, grey-skinned zombies, which accentuates their inherent creepiness.

The Children of the Corn Explained

Throughout the movie franchise (in which only 1984 and 2009 entries, both titled Children of the Corn, are directly based on the Stephen King short story), the “children of the corn” have been depicted as a type of fundamentalist cult that utilizes but subverts common Christian imagery. This includes crucifying important members of the adult community on corn stalks and making their own folk art out of corn cobs and husks. They also sacrifice members of their number who reach the age of 19 in order to satisfy He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

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Typically, the children are led by a religious figure who claims to deliver the word of He Who Walks Behind the Rows, though sometimes the seeds of doubt are sown about said figure’s legitimacy. In the original 1984 movie, this character was Isaac (John Franklin), who would eventually return in 1999’s Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return. Most recently, this role was filled by Eden (Kate Moyer) in 2023’s Children of the Corn, a modernized reinterpretation of the story.

This new artwork inspired by Children of the Corn gives them an entirely different look. Typically, the cult is presented as a group of innocuous-looking children, which allows them to infiltrate society and enact their murderous schemes undetected. However, occasionally they will be presented onscreen in a more undead style, especially in the case of Isaac thanks to his connection with He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

Source: @shatteredai/Instagram

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