Super Mario Bros. Movie's Peach Storyline Makes 1 Spinoff Idea Even More Exciting


Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Peach Storyline Makes 1 Spinoff Idea Even More Exciting

The Super Mario Bros. Movie makes a major change to Peach’s story, and this makes the possibility of one spinoff that much more exciting.


  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie flips Princess Peach’s role, making her a more compelling and heroic character.
  • The success of the movie opens up possibilities for spinoffs featuring other Super Mario Bros. characters, like Yoshi and Peach herself.
  • An all-girl Super Mario Bros. movie with characters like Daisy, Rosalina, Dixie Kong, Birdo, and Toadette would be fresh, exciting, and appeal to a wide audience.



The Super Mario Bros. Movie changes Princess Peach’s story from the games, flipping her role in a way that makes one spinoff idea even more exciting. In the Super Mario Bros. games, Peach is typically portrayed as a damsel in distress, with Mario attempting to save her from villains like Bowser. Illumination’s 2023 film turns this narrative on its head, making Peach a more compelling character — and suggesting it can do the same for other Super Mario Bros. characters.

With The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s massive box office success, it’s no surprise that Nintendo and Illumination have plans to adapt other IPs in the future. Nintendo’s movie franchise update bodes well for The Super Mario Bros. 2, even if it’s yet to be officially announced. And assuming The Super Mario Bros. series continues drawing moviegoers to theaters, fans can expect spinoffs focused on supporting characters from Mario’s adventures. Yoshi was already teased in The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s post-credits scene, and Peach could easily helm a solo project. In fact, there’s one that’s especially exciting given her on-screen characterization.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Makes Peach Her Own Hero

The Super Mario Bros. Movie does an impressive job of bringing Princess Peach to the screen and making her more likable than her video game counterpart. While Princess Peach awaits her savior in the Super Mario Bros. games, the movie version of the character acts as her own hero. She knows how to fight, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Even when Bowser and his minions think they’ve gotten the upper hand, Peach surprises them and breaks free on her own. This is particularly comical because Mario arrives to save her, only to realize his assistance isn’t needed.

By flipping Mario and Peach’s roles on their heads, the film offers viewers a strong female lead who could easily carry her own Super Mario Bros. Movie spinoff. It’s possible Illumination will release a Peach-centric movie, and Peach’s portrayal offers hope for the rest of the Super Mario Bros. franchise’s female players as well. If Illumination can turn Peach into a modern hero, it can do the same for them. This would make a Super Mario Bros. Movie with an all-girl cast a possibility — and an exciting one at that.

Why We Need A Super Mario Bros. Movie With An All-Girl Cast

Super mario bros peach rosalina daisy

After her debut in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a Princess Peach spinoff seems like a no-brainer — and it would be even better with an all-girl cast. Peach is far from the most popular female character in the Super Mario Bros. games, even if she’s the most recognizable. If Illumination can turn her character into a compelling and powerful lead, it can portray the Nintendo franchise’s other women similarly.

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After the success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, it’s clear there’s an audience for nostalgic projects geared toward female audiences. Plenty of women grew up playing the Super Mario Bros. games, and they’d likely be excited about an adaptation that centers them. Women and girls wouldn’t be the only audience for an all-girls Super Mario Bros. spinoff, either. Plenty of female characters from the Super Mario Bros. games have a wide appeal, making them obvious additions to Illumination and Nintendo’s cinematic universe.

What Characters Could Appear In A Peach Spinoff Movie?

Dixie Kong Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

There are quite a few characters who could appear in an all-girls Princess Peach spinoff, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie doesn’t introduce any of them. Needless to say, their inclusion in a sequel or spinoff would bring something fresh and exciting to the franchise. Princess Daisy is an obvious choice to accompany Peach on a solo adventure, though she could just as easily serve as a rival. Meanwhile, the Lumas’ introduction in The Super Mario Bros. Movie opens the door for Rosalina to make an entrance and eventually bring the franchise to an intergalactic setting.

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Characters like Dixie Kong, Birdo, and Toadette could also round out an all-girls Super Mario Bros. Movie spinoff, giving Peach her own girl gang and expanding on the original film’s world-building. Members of the Donkey Kong crew appear in the movie, but they could use further fleshing out. Dixie Kong can offer another perspective of the group. Meanwhile, Toadette can prompt a backstory for her and Toad’s people, while Birdo would bring an all-new species into the world of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. These characters would also give viewers more women to root for, making their entrances a win all around.

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