Super Rare Baldur's Gate 3 Ending Proves Larian Thought Of Everything


Super Rare Baldur’s Gate 3 Ending Proves Larian Thought Of Everything

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a wide variety of possible endings, but one is an exceptionally rare occurrence, requiring very specific circumstances.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has continually surprised and delighted in how reactive the game’s events are to player input, and one incredibly unlikely ending scene shows just how dedicated the development studio was in including as many eventualities as possible. Developer Larian Studios has truly set a new, very high bar when it comes to the roleplaying genre; even seemingly small choices can have rippling effects throughout the game’s depiction of the Sword Coast. Baldur’s Gate 3‘s ending changes primarily based on obviously major choices and the outcome of companion quest lines, but a bit of errant magic can result in a truly unique conclusion.



[Warning: The following article contains minor spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.]

Eschewing the real-time-with-pause combat of its predecessors in favor of a turn-based system pulled directly from its Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition inspiration, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game steeped in player agency at every turn. Both in and out of combat, players influence NPCs and the world at larger scales while navigating an incredible number of sprawling and interconnected quests. Careful players are generally able to set up their desired outcome, but even the best-laid plans can take an unforeseen turn at the eleventh hour if Wild Magic is involved.

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Wild Magic Can Completely Change Baldur’s Gate 3’s Ending

A Reddit post from user gwiguig shows that there is potential for Wild Magic to derail the ending cutscenes of Baldur’s Gate 3 in hilarious fashion. According to the post, a Wild Magic surge was triggered on the final spell cast to defeat the last boss, which turned the entire surviving party into cats and dogs. What followed were the cutscenes the players would normally see given their choices throughout the game, including a romantic scene between Gale and one of the player characters, but the character models remained in animal form.

A Wild Magic Ending Is Likely One Of BG3’s Rarest

An elven sorcerer holding a blue crystal in her hand.

Simply the nature of how Wild Magic operates in Baldur’s Gate 3 makes this ending likely one of the rarest possible. A Wild Magic surge has only a 5% (DC 20) chance of occurring after a first-level spell or higher is cast by a sorcerer or barbarian with their particular Wild Magic subclass, and results in a random effect. The odds of a surge can be increased by activating the Tides of Chaos feature, but this only affects the first spell post-activation, increasing its odds of triggering Wild Magic to 45% (DC 11). It’s unclear from the Reddit post if Tides of Chaos played a role in this situation, but it’s the exact Wild Magic effect that makes this ending so rare.

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When a Wild Magic surge occurs, there are 22 possible outcomes in Baldur’s Gate 3, meaning each has a 4.5% chance of happening on any given surge. If Tides of Chaos did not influence that particular roll, there was only about a 0.2% chance that the Wild Magic would surge and subsequently result in Polymorph Others, the Wild Magic effect that turns surrounding characters into cats and dogs. Even if Tides of Chaos increased the odds, there was still roughly just a 2% chance Polymorph Others happened on that final spellcasting roll.

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Additionally, only a handful of the Wild Magic effects change character models. Similar outcomes might have the caster appear as a sheep in the final cutscenes, or have characters larger or smaller than they’d normally be as a consequence of enlarge/reduce being the result of the surge. Most other Wild Magic effects only alter combat. Nearly every other Baldur’s Gate 3 ending can be gotten through careful planning, but one where the party is transformed into cats and dogs for the final cutscenes is likely one of the few completely random outcomes, showing Larian truly prepared for all possibilities.

Source: gwiguig/Reddit

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