Superman's Most Underrated Power Basically Makes Him Immune to Kryptonite


Superman’s Most Underrated Power Basically Makes Him Immune to Kryptonite

There’s no doubt that Kryptonite is the most famous and effective weakness Superman has, but one of of his powers seemingly completely negates it.


  • Superman’s least appreciated power, his X-ray vision, can easily neutralize the effects of Kryptonite, rendering it harmless to him.
  • In Adventure Comics #266, Superman used his X-ray vision to free his Superdog, Krypto, from a Kryptonite cage without any adverse effects.
  • X-ray vision is the key to dealing with Kryptonite for Superman, as he can easily melt it down into a harmless form from a safe distance.



Superman’s most well-known weakness is, of course, Kryptonite – but one comic revealed a long time ago that one of the Man of Steel’s least appreciated power can easily shut Kryptonite down, rendering its effects on him moot. With some clever use of his X-ray vision, Kryptonite should never be a threat to Superman ever again.

Adventure Comics #266 – by Jerry Siegel and George Papp – featured Superman’s surprising answer to Kryptonite. This story saw Krypto the Superdog seemingly running wild across Smallville. He began pranking everyone, such as ruining an opera by outsinging the lead, and herding cats into the main town square. Finally, Krypto exposed Superman’s secret identity, before immediately flying off into space.

Naturally, Clark wasn’t sure what caused Krypto to go berserk, until he eventually discovered the real Krypto was trapped aboard a space-hunter’s spaceship. Superman then revealed the surprising ability his X-ray vision has, where he melted the Kryptonite cage holding Krypto, easily freeing his Superdog with no adverse effects to either of them from the Kryptonite.

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There Is One Workaround For Superman’s Krytonite WeaknessAdventure Comics #266, Clark meets the Space-Hunter, who has Krypto captive

Superman has near invulnerability from all forms of physical harm, while at the same time he also possesses a strong resistance to mental attacks. The only thing that can really harm Superman in any concrete way is either Kryptonite, or magic. Thankfully for him, both are in short supply, though plenty of his enemies have employed Kryptonite over the years. Lex Luthor and Metallo’s villainy practically revolves around Kryptonite. While under the effects of Kryptonite, Superman loses the majority of his powers, including his invulnerability – but that shouldn’t ever happen, since Superman has proven he can destroy Kryptonite with a glance.

Adventure Comics #266 was first published in 1959. It contained three stories, including “The Super-Pranks of Krypto!”

The Man of Steel has tons of superpowers: super speed, super hearing, heat vision, frost breath, and X-ray vision. The majority of these powers seem to either have no effect on Kryptonite, or Superman loses his powers in the presence of Kryptonite before he can use them. Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to be the case with X-ray vision. Superman has shown that if he simply keeps a safe distance, he can easily melt Kryptonite down into a harmless form. Considering he uses X-ray vision to do this, it’s possible the Kryptonite doesn’t even need to be within his line of sight for it to work.

X-Ray Vision Is The Secret To Dealing With Kryptonite

Adventure Comics #266, Clark melts kryptonite using his X-ray vision

With a character as powerful and as multifacted in his power-set as Superman, it is natural for writers to need him to have weaknesses for narrative purposes. At the same time, when a character has as many powers as Superman, it’s hard to justify that none of them can effectively deal with Kryptonite for him. While things like his super-speed and super-strength obviously wouldn’t hold up around Kryptonite for long, Superman has proven that X-ray vision can easily melt the dangerous substance down into harmless material. With this in mind, Superman really shouldn’t have any reason to fear Kryptonite ever again .

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