The Bear: 10 Best Memes


The Bear: 10 Best Memes

The Bear is one of the most popular & well-received shows on television with enough depth and variety to inspire dozens of memes. Here are the top 10.


  • The Bear is a critically-acclaimed series with humor, artistry, and grit that has become a popular and influential show on television, inspiring dozens of memes.
  • The show explores avenues of development in its characters and story, challenging them in creative and compelling ways.
  • Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, is the heart and soul of the series, and his performance adds depth and authenticity to the show.



There are dozens of great memes based on the critically-acclaimed series The Bear but none better than the ten listed here. After just two seasons and 18 episodes, The Bear has become a critical and commercial success among audiences for its humor, artistry, and grit which come together like a perfect dish. Jeremy Allen White is the heart and soul of the series which often feels like one big film from episode to episode. White leads a stellar cast as Carmy, the haunted but brilliant chef who takes over his brother’s restaurant in order to preserve his legacy after his untimely death.

One of the greatest things about The Bear is its willingness to experiment with its characters and story, unafraid to explore avenues of development in its subplot and supporting cast. With all the variety comes risk but also great variety which is rewarded highly in The Bear. The series challenges its characters in creative and compelling ways while sticking to the core of its identity as a foundation but never as a limitation. With so much depth in both drama and humor, it’s no surprise that The Bear is one of the most popular and well-received series on television that has also influenced internet culture. Here are the ten best memes on The Bear.

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10 Trader Joe’s Frozen Dumplings

A popular meme trend from The Bear turned everyday people into three-star Michelin chefs like Carmy. This one in particular highlights the contrasting reliability and expertise of Carmy’s character that had this X (Twitter) user feeling like a chef extraordinaire while heating up frozen food at home. It’s a hilarious and true sentiment about the extra effort it takes to cook food on the stove instead of the microwave, although the stove method almost always tastes better. Carmy would never serve anything in a microwave in his restaurant, which highlights his meticulous attention to detail and his unyielding commitment to only making the best quality food.

9 Red Pepper Flakes

This photo of Jeremy Allen White in The Bear is certainly the one most used in memes from the show. Similar to the previous meme, this tweet makes a gag about how adding red pepper flakes onto a slice of pizza makes this X user feel like she’s channeling her inner Carmy. This notion is reminiscent of the simple but gourmet omelet that Sydney made for Sugar in season 2 that was topped with crushed potato chips. It touches on the idea that adding just one additional garnish to an otherwise plain dish can spice up the meal altogether, something that Carmy undoubtedly could agree with.

8 Poor Man’s Kendall Roy

This hilarious meme refers to Carmy as the “poor man’s Kendall Roy” moments before The Bear’s season 2 premiere in June 2023. For those who aren’t familiar, Kendall Roy is a fictional protagonist in the popular HBO series Succession who is one of four children of a media mogul billionaire. Calling Carmy the “poor man’s Kendall Roy” works on many levels, particularly since Carmy is not nearly as wealthy as Kendall but is similar in his complexity, self-loathing, and fluctuating emotional health. Succession is also an incredibly sleek, polished, and expensive HBO series while The Bear operates at a much lower budget.

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7 Carmy’s Signature Features

This meme highlights Carmy’s sharp and iconic physical features that make him instantly recognizable, particularly his long curly brown hair and his piercing blue eyes. It calls attention to the main two types of people who likely watch The Bear: those who are captivated by the authenticity of the show’s themes and tone and others who simply watch because of Jeremy Allen White. Carmy stands out from the crowd with his striking aesthetic features, often matched with another staple of his character in his classic white T-shirt.

6 DiGiorno Stuffed Crust Pizza

Another popular image used in The Bear memes is this one of Jeremy Allen White on set in full chef attire. The humor in this meme makes a similar joke to the earlier ones about everyday people feeling like they are gourmet chefs like Carmy. This meme highlights the feeling of waiting for your frozen pizza to come out of the oven as you might look at it with pride and anticipation through the oven door.

5 Quart Deli Container Water Cups

Fans of The Bear who actually work in restaurant kitchens or “back of house” knew all too well the authentic detail in Carmy drinking tap water out of quart-size deli containers. While The Bear is credited for being rooted in realism, only true back-of-house workers can relate to this easter egg seen early on in season 1 of the series. This meme captures the commitment to realism and authenticity seen throughout The Bear in a nutshell, from complicated emotional trauma all the way down to the actor’s props and set design.

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4 You Alright, Jeff?

This funny meme from FX’s official X account encapsulates the internal rage and anguish that Carmy carries around with him. It focuses on the recurring motif in which Carmy sees his life as an overwhelming and destructive natural force that he has no control in stopping, resulting in destructive and dangerous emotional reactions. The “Jeff” reference also refers to the name that Tina used to call Carmy as a play on Chef, implying a fractious but albeit disrespectful attitude she once carried at the beginning of the series.

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3 Marcus Vs. The Rest Of Staff

This meme points out how Marcus is usually in his own small world in the series exclusively focusing on his deserts and pastries. His disposition is often different and happier than the rest of the staff in The Bear because he is not placed under the same type of deadlines and pressure as often as the rest of the crew. “Honeydew” in season 2 really cashes in on Marcus’s sweet outlook, allowing for a softer side of the show that acts as a relief from some of the more intense moments and interactions between the characters.

2 Hands! Corner!

This meme points out some of the common back-of-house lingo that has made its way into the lives of people who watch The Bear. Part of the show’s appeal is that it makes the actual profession and workplace of working at a restaurant more accessible to those who have never experienced it before. This couple decided to incorporate it into their home life in honor of the kitchen etiquette and safety measures demonstrated in The Bear. This exemplifies how the show has influenced people similar to how “Heard” has become a popular replacement for “Gotcha” nowadays.

1 Jeremy Allen White. That’s It.

This final meme doesn’t need much explanation since its message is understood by all who have seen the series and Jeremy Allen White’s tour-de-force performance as Carmy Berzatto. His performance adds so much to the series to the point where it would be next to impossible to imagine it without him. With one Golden Globe already under his belt for his performance in The Bear, it will be exciting to see how far White can go with the series and how long the show will continue to be successful and impactful on our culture.

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