The Boys: 10 Most Despicable Villains Who Don't Have Superpowers


The Boys: 10 Most Despicable Villains Who Don’t Have Superpowers

There are more villains than heroes in The Boys universe, and most of those villains don’t even have superpowers. Here’s the Top 10 worst of them all!


  • John Godolkin, leader of the G-Men, exploited his position to prey on children, making him one of the most vile villains in The Boys universe.
  • Jessica Bradley, despite knowing the wrongdoing of supes, chooses to ignore it for career advancement, making her complicit in their evil acts.
  • James Stillwell, the high-ranking executive in Vought-American, enables the Seven to commit heinous crimes unchecked, making him the worst person on this list.



There is no shortage of despicable villains in The Boys universe (by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson), with most of them disguised as superheroes, hiding behind their fantastic powers to commit the most atrocious acts of violence and depravity imaginable with relative impunity. However, the series also has its fair share of horrendous villains who have no superpowers at all, and their level of villainy matches (and even exceeds) the likes of Homelander himself.

More often than not, these ‘powerless’ villains fly under the radar, and that’s because of the fundamental purpose of the Boys as an organization. The Boys aren’t a police force, they are a black book CIA-backed squad focused on keeping supes in-check by-way of blackmail and violence, if necessary. There’s no real way to enforce law and order when the person who committed any given crime is essentially Superman. And that’s where the Boys step in, as it is their job to make sure these supes do follow the rules, or suffer the consequences (even if their methods aren’t, strictly speaking, legal). However, even if these non-powered villains don’t always have the attention of the Boys, they still stand out to readers as being just as vile as any supe in the book. Here are the 10 most despicable villains in The Boys who don’t have superpowers.

10 John Godolkin

John Godolkin made his debut in The Boys #24, and the fictional universe was worse off for it. Godolkin was the leader of the G-Men and the founder of the Godolkin University, where he preyed on little children with impunity. Godolkin was a pedophile who used his power and influence to have supe children brought to him under the guise of teaching them how to use their powers, with the G-Men acting as his own personal bodyguards in case anyone came snooping around his ‘school’. His death in issue #29 couldn’t have come soon enough.

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9 Jessica Bradley

The Boys villain without powers.

Jessica Bradley made her The Boys debut in issue #39 as the person who was to replace Stillwell as the main superhero handler with Vought-American. Bradley is interesting because she knows everything that the supes get up to in private is wrong, yet she is willing to swallow her words in the name of upward mobility in her career. Those who witness evil and do nothing are just as bad as the evildoers themselves, and Jessica Bradley is certainly guilty of that.

8 Vic the Veep

The Boys Vic the Veep.

Victor Neuman (or, Vic the Veep as he’s more commonly known) is the Vice President of the United States during the majority of The Boys series. While murdered brutally (and humiliatingly) by Homelander in The Boys #65, Vic proved quite useful for Vought-American up until that point. Victor was a simple-minded puppet who represented Vought’s interests in Washington. He allowed perhaps the most evil organization in any fictional world to effectively run the nation, which is something that became even more streamlined when Vic eventually became the President, making his gruesome demise all the more deserved.

7 Susan Raynor

The Boys Raynor.

Susan Raynor is the CIA agent who gives the Boys their orders, and was introduced in the very first issue. While she essentially runs a squad intent on keeping supes on their best behavior, she, herself, is more than a little morally gray. Raynor not only regularly cheats on her husband with Butcher, but she isn’t afraid to leave those who work for her out in the cold. In one instance, Raynor used a character called Silver Kincaid to spy on Godolkin, and when things got too dangerous for her within the Godolkin University, Raynor left her out to dry, resulting in Kincaid’s mental breakdown and eventual suicide. Not only that, but having Kincaid in the mix on the Godolkin case also put the Boys’ lives at risk, and before Butcher threatened her life and the lives of her family, Raynor couldn’t have cared less.

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6 Little Nina

The Boys Little Nina

A bona fide gangster and international criminal leader, The Boys‘ Little Nina is probably the deadliest person without superpowers on this list. Debuting in The Boys #11, Little Nina was not only a boss within the Russian Crime Syndicate who regularly ran weapons, drugs, and even people over international borders, she also planned to overthrow the Russian government and rule as the new head of state. She had the power and influence to force 150 supes to do her dirty work for her, and the will to do something so globally impactful. Little Nina was a supervillain of the highest order, and the world became a better place after her bizarre (and highly inappropriate) demise.

5 Jonah Vogelbaum

Jonah Vogelbaum from The Boys.

While not outright villainous, Jonah Vogelbaum is the reason the world of The Boys is filled with increasingly dangerous supes, as he invented Compound V, which he did under the orders of the Nazis during World War II, as revealed upon his debut in The Boys #20. Not only that, but Vogelaum then created a way to exterminate everyone who had ever taken Compound V, which meant the potential deaths of countless supes around the globe. Vogelbaum was a man of science who did as he was told, no matter who it was pulling the strings. Unfortunately, his brilliance and willingness to bend to the whims of evil people giving him orders makes Vogelbaum a major villainous threat in The Boys universe.

4 Kessler (aka Monkey)

The Boys' Monkey.

Agent Kessler aka Monkey is one of the main sources of information for the Boys, as he is their CIA contact beneath Raynor. This character isn’t necessarily villainous or evil, he’s just despicable in a way that makes one feel dirty just by being around him. Monkey is a repressed coward with specific sexual fetishes that inspire him to act aggressive and predatorily, and he’s been sexually assaulted by no less than three animals (including two monkeys, hence the nickname). Kessler is a disgusting human, and has been since his debut in the very first issue.

3 Lyttle

The Boys' Lyttle.

Lyttle is a manipulative, cruel, and vile man from Mother’s Milk’s past as shown in The Boys #36. In that issue, readers see M.M. and Butcher walk into a dilapidated drug den run by Lyttle and those who worked for him. The reason they were there is that Lyttle managed to hook the mother of M.M.’s daughter on heavily addictive drugs, forcing her to live with him there through her crippling dependency. Not only that, but Lyttle had M.M.’s baby daughter live with them there as well, placing her basonate in the middle of a smoke-filled room with drug addicts and criminals. Lyttle turned this tiny corner of the world into his own personal kingdom, not caring that it was complete and utter hell, and he reveled in the corruption of innocence. M.M. made brutal work of Lyttle, and he saved his daughter as a result.

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2 Butcher’s Dad

The Boys Butcher's dad.

Samuel Butcher is the father of Billy and Lenny Butcher, and the husband of Connie Butcher – and his entire family absolutely despised him. A baker by trade, it was implied Sam moonlit as a low-level criminal with a hand in a number of illicit activities. However, the real reason his family hates him – and why he’s on this list – is because Sam was incredibly abusive, especially to his wife Connie. He would come home drunk and physically abuse Connie right in front of their sons. One night, Sam blinded Connie in one eye due to the extent of the abuse, something which Butcher nearly killed him for. Sam eventually died in The Boys storyline “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker”, which ended with Butcher urinating on his father’s corpse – a fitting end for a truly repugnant human.

1 James Stillwell

The Boys James Stillwell.

The puppeteer himself who helped his supes commit whatever heinous atrocity their hearts desire for the sake of status and a paycheck. James Stillwell is a high-ranking executive in Vought-American who personally handled the Seven – including and especially Homelander. Everything the supes do or have done has gone through him, and he readily covers up or redirects any crimes committed by them. Kill an entire plane full of civilians? No problem. Slaughter a room full of women and children? That’s okay. Literally eat babies? Sure, why not. James Stillwell’s insidious apathy and blind self-centeredness perpetuated evil on a global scale, making him the absolute worst person on this list.

The crimes committed by these people, most of whom were truly evil to their core, are absolutely unforgivable, and unspeakably repugnant. Truly, to stand out as despicable villains in a comic series where the superheroes are the bad guys is quite impressive, and these 10 non-superpowered The Boys characters do just that.

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