The Boys Actor Gives Update On Starlight's New Role in Season 4


The Boys Actor Gives Update On Starlight’s New Role in Season 4

The Boys actor Erin Moriarty offers an update on Starlight’s new role in season 4, teasing that “she is adjusting great” after leaving the Seven.


  • Starlight is adjusting well to her new role with the titular team in The Boys season 4, but the actor couldn’t reveal much more.
  • With Starlight leaving the Seven, Vought will likely search for new members, introducing new Supes for the Boys to face.
  • Starlight’s alignment with Butcher and her feud with Homelander will continue to create tension in season 4, with possibilities of tying into the Supe virus storyline from Gen V.



The Boys star Erin Moriarty has delivered an update on Starlight’s new role going into season 4 of the series. At the end of season 3, the now-jaded Supe left the Seven behind, throwing away her costume as a symbol of her leaving. She decided instead to join the Boys, assisting them in their continued battle against Vought and Homelander.

Speaking with during the BoxLunch Holiday Gala, Moriarty offered a quick update on how Starlight is adjusting to her new role in The Boys season 4. The actor said that, while she couldn’t reveal much, she is adapting well to her new home with the Boys. Check out what Moriarty had to say below:

Oh my God, okay I’m sorry it’s just, maybe this is just a good advertisement for Season 4, that I can’t answer that without maintaining composure. I can’t! No that’s my earnest response! I’m actually scared to answer … She is adjusting great.

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How The Boys Season 4 Will Explore Starlight Leaving The Seven

Now that Starlight has left the Seven, the remaining members are Homelander, A-Train, and The Deep. Given how small the team is, the disarray will lead Vought to search for multiple new members that can replace everyone they’ve lost. This likely means introducing new Supes the Boys will face as they attempt to take down the corporation.

Given the shocking end to The Boys season 3, which saw Homelander kill someone in public, it’s clear he will become an even larger threat going forward. Due to his feud with Starlight up until she left the team, the pair will continue to clash in season 4. Now that she’s aligned herself with Butcher, Hughie, and their team, she may have to fight her former team leader as tensions continue to rise.

Starlight’s newfound home could also tie The Boys season 4 into Gen V since Butcher’s appearance in the spinoff signals they will learn about the Supe virus. Perhaps her own role as a Supe on the team will underscore the dangers of the illness, which Butcher could plan to use against Homelander. With plenty of possibilities for her future story, it’s clear she will have an engaging storyline once the show returns.

The Boys season 4 will arrive on Prime Video in 2024.


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