The Boys: Gen V Soundtrack Guide - Every Song & When It Plays


The Boys: Gen V Soundtrack Guide – Every Song & When It Plays

Amazon’s Gen V features several upbeat and emotionally resonant songs to enhance the impact of its slam-bang supe action and coming-of-age drama.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Gen V.




  • Gen V, The Boys’ spin-off series, features a diverse range of songs from various genres, adding drama and relatability to its themes for its targeted audiences.
  • The show boasts high production value, with top-notch VFX and cinematography, providing audiences with a visually stunning experience.
  • The choice of background music in Gen V is perfect, amplifying the intensity and drama of its action scenes, while also dropping easter eggs and references to The Boys.

The Boys‘ spin-off, Gen V, features myriad songs from varying genres throughout its runtime to not only up the ante of its drama and action but also to make its themes more relatable for its targeted audiences. Primarily set in Godolkin University, Gen V expands The Boys‘ overarching lore by adding new characters, storylines, and supe powers to the mix. Although the show’s main appeal comes from its well-fleshed character beats and intriguing take on the real-world allegories of supe powers, it also entertains by dropping several easter eggs and references to The Boys.

Apart from having well-written characters, story arcs, and easter eggs to The Boys, Gen V also boasts high production value. For a television show, everything from its VFX to cinematography is top-notch, making it an absolute visual feast for audiences. It also amplifies the intensity and drama of its action scenes by coupling them with a diverse range of music scores. Gen V‘s perfect choice of background music makes it hard not to wonder which song plays when. Hence, here is a rundown of all the soundtracks in Amazon’s Gen V.

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Gen V Season 1, Episode 1, “God U.”

“Anxiety” by Megan Thee Stallion: Megan Thee Stallion’s “Anxiety” drops in Gen V‘s opening moments when Marie wakes up from a nightmare that reminds her how she accidentally murdered her parents with her supe abilities.

“Dancing with Myself” by The Donnas: This track plays in the background when Marie enters Godolkin University for the first time.

“Show You Love” by Jalen Owusu, Niall Lavelle & Tobias Silvester: When Marie meets her roommate, Emma, in episode 1, “Show You Love” plays in the background.

“WTF (Where They From)” by Missy Elliott feat. Pharell Williams: “WTF (Where They From)” starts playing after Marie and Emma arrive at the Godolkin Stadium and Emma gushes over Golden Boy.

“Remember Me” by Benny the Butcher: This uplifting track plays when a showdown ensues between Golden Boy and The Incredible Steve at the Godolkin Stadium.

“BOSS¥” by Lil Yamaha: Gen V shows Jordan listening to this track before Marie approaches her in episode 1.

“Into My Bag” by Dexx! Turner & ADGRMS: This song can be heard in Gen V episode 1 when Andre introduces Marie to Golden Boy, Jordan, and Cate before they head to a party.

“VULGAR” by Sam Smith & Madonna: “VULGAR” can be heard in the background when Cate uses her “Push” powers in Gen V‘s episode 1 to enter a club with Golden Boy, Marie, Jordan, and Andre.

“BRB” by Chance Lewis, JTM & Shanghai feat. Ali Shields & Tia Thompson: “BRB” perfectly complements the scene where Marie, Jordan, Andre, Cate, and Golden Boy toast to Golden Boy getting invited to join the Seven.

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“edamame” by bbno$ (feat. Rich Brian) [JVG x NCO Remix]: As Golden Boy, Marie, Cate, Andre, and Jordan party at the club, this song can be heard in the background.

“Body Talk” by D’Auria (feat. Fran): D’Auria’s “Body Talk” plays in the club when Andre interacts with a non-supe woman and tries to please her with his powers.

“Celebrity Skin” by Hole: Gen V‘s episode 1 ends with Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” which plays throughout the end credits of the episode.

Gen V Season 1, Episode 2, “First Day”

Maddie Phillips as Cate and Patrick Schwarzenegger as Golden Boy in Gen V

“Nothing Else Matters” by Phoebe Bridges: Gen V episode 2’s opening sequence walks through the aftermath of Luke’s death and Pheobe Bridges’ “Nothing Else Matters” perfectly captures how his friends grieve him.

“Move!” by Batuk: Marie rises to fame after the Golden Boy’s death, and “Move!” plays when Jeff explains her Godolkin’s ranking system.

“Photo ID” by Remi Wolf: This one plays in the background when Marie and Andre get a promotional photoshoot done after being credited for showing heroism during Golden Boy’s meltdown.

“You” by Naomi August: Naomi August’s “You” can be heard in Gen V episode 3 when Justine and Emma are together in Justine’s room.

“Venus” by Bananarama: This is the final track in the second episode. It begins when Cate uses her “Push” powers to stop the guards from hurting Andre and ends after the final credits stop rolling.

Gen V Season 1, Episode 3, “#ThinkBrink”

Lizze Broadway as Emma/Little Cricket in the Boys

“Whatta Man” by Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue: “Whatta Man” plays in Gen V‘s episode 3’s opening arc when Jordan Li’s parents show up at their dorm room, and they are forced to shapeshift into their male form.

“I Am The Future” by Triniti Bhaguandas, Jay Manuel Cabrera & Jaime Fuentes: As The Memorial Tribute Gala following Luke’s death ensues and supes walk down the red carpet, “I Am The Future” can be heard in the background, walking viewers through the glamor that comes with being a supe.

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“Take the Night” by La Félix feat. Tiger: “Take the Night” plays later during The Memorial Gala when Gen V walks through the conversations between different attendees.

“Dance in Place (Treasure Fingers Dub Remix)” by CLAVVS & Treasure Fingers: When Emma hints at what her mother has put her through at the gala, “Dance in Place” can be heard in the background.

“Discoteka” by Minnelli x INNA: This song plays when Jordan’s father tries to sing praises about them but ends up misgendering them instead.

“Intoxicated” by Rozee: Rozee’s “Intoxicated” can be heard when Andre bumps into Cate at the party and the two cannot help but feel awkward after their previous interaction.

“GROWING UP IS _____” by Ruel: This one starts playing when Andre approaches Emma and does not stop till Jordan opens up about how they feel when their father does not respect their gender identity.

“Make It So Good” by Noah Neiman: In Gen V episode 3’s final arc, Cate uses her powers to “push” the bartender into giving her an expensive bottle of liquor for Jordan. That is when “Make If So Good” can be heard in the backdrop.

“Faded from Color” by Saticöy: This song plays when Marie gets mad at Jordan and reveals how she accidentally killed her parents when she was little.

“I Wanna Be Sedated” by Rockaway Bitch: “I Wanna Be Sedated” closes the Gen V episode after guards break into Sam’s room and Emma almost gets caught.

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