The Final Mysteries of X-Men's Krakoa Era Revealed in X-Men: Forever


The Final Mysteries of X-Men’s Krakoa Era Revealed in X-Men: Forever

The X-Men’s Age of Krakoa has entered its final days, and a new miniseries titled X-Men: Forever will explore this era’s remaining mysteries.


  • Marvel announces X-Men: Forever, a new miniseries that will delve into the major mysteries of the Krakoan Era and tie up loose ends from Immortal X-Men.
  • Writer Kieron Gillen will collaborate with artist Luca Maresca on the four-issue limited series set to release in March.
  • X-Men: Forever joins a growing line of X-Books, indicating that Marvel’s X-Office will continue to expand beyond the Fall of X and Rise of the Powers of X limited series.



Marvel has indicated that early 2024 will mark the closing chapter of the Krakoan Era for the X-Men, and a newly announced series adds clarity about what’s to come. Writer Kieron Gillen has been a major creative voice in the X-Office as of late, shepherding the line through A.X.E.: Judgment Day, Sins of Sinister, as well as his ongoing title Immortal X-Men. As that last title comes to a close, Gillen is teaming with artist Luca Maresca for a follow-up that promises to delve into the major lingering mysteries of this groundbreaking status quo for mutantkind.

Marvel has announced that Gillen and Maresca will be launching the new miniseries this March under the title X-Men: Forever. Shared initially at Italy’s Lucca Comics and Games Festival, the four-issue limited series is particularly focused on closing out the more tumultuous plot threads from Immortal X-Men.

Marvel’s press release shares the first issue’s cover and specifically cites “the quest for Dominion, the interpersonal conflicts of the Quiet Council, the escape from the White Hot Room, and of course, the divine intervention of the Phoenix,” as parameters for the journey to come.

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X-Men: Forever Joins Spring 2024’s Growing Line of X-Books

Starting in January, the late winter into early spring period marks the outset of this final Krakoan chapter of X-Men. After the current Fall of X arcs reach their conclusion, Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X will be the interweaving limited series ending this era, mirroring its opening in House of X and Powers of X. However, the announcement of X-Men: Forever is one of a few signals that Marvel’s X-Office won’t be slowing down to just FoHoX and RoPoX. In fact, Gillen is already the series writer for RoPoX, meaning he’ll be pulling double duty in the X-Office next spring. X-Men: Forever joins other new series such as Dead X-Men, Cable, and Resurrection of Magneto, as well as the remaining ongoing books X-Men, X-Force, and Wolverine.

The promise of answers about the Dominion, the hundreds of thousands of mutants exiled to the White Hot Room, and the machinations of the Phoenix is exciting. At the same time, it seemed that these plot elements would have a greater impact in the final fight of the Krakoan Age. Cordoning them off beyond the ken of FoHoX and RoPoX is an intriguing choice. It’s certainly not worth worrying about though, as Gillen has shown his high capability to weave unifying narratives between his titles before, such as in A.X.E.: Judgment Day and his current work connecting Immortal X-Men with the Jean Grey miniseries.

After Krakoa, The X-Men Are Forever, Even If It Costs Their Immortality

A lesser aspect of this news release is that Immortal X-Men is officially coming to a close. While the meat of the series focused on how the flawed government of Krakoa was chipped away piece by piece ahead of Fall of X, the arcs sandwiching Sins of Sinister were all about gaming and interfering with Krakoa’s resurrection protocols. Even now in the exile of the White Hot Room, the Five have reunited and resumed their work reviving lost mutants, but perhaps the end of the “Immortal” title is more than just symbolic. It would be a tragic loss, even with the promise that the X-Men are forever.

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X-Men: Forever #1 will be available from Marvel Comics on March 20, 2024.

Source: Marvel Comics

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