The Joker’s Grossest Crime is Absolute Nightmare Fuel


The Joker’s Grossest Crime is Absolute Nightmare Fuel

The Joker has played dirty before, but the Harlequin of Hate’s latest crime sees him commit his most disgusting and disturbing act yet.


  • The Joker’s latest crime involves him hiding in a porta-potty to attack unsuspecting victims, showing his willingness to sink to any depth for chaos.
  • The Joker’s plan in “Batman: The Winning Card” is his grossest crime yet, crawling into a crowded carnival porta-potty’s tank to surprise and harm his prey.
  • The Joker’s sickening crime of hiding in a porta-potty shows that he has no limits and will do anything for a laugh, no matter how disgusting or creepy.



Warning! Contains preview pages for Batman: The Brave and the Bold #5!The Joker’s latest crime is just as perturbing as it is revolting. The Clown Prince of Crime proves there are no depths he won’t sink to when it comes to causing chaos.

In a preview for Batman: The Brave and the Bold #5’s story, “Batman: The Winning Card Part 3” by Tom King and Mitch Gerads, the Joker is continuing to make waves as he debuts as Gotham City’s latest threat. After defeating the Dark Knight in combat, the Joker makes his way to a crowded carnival. The villain makes a stop at a portable toilet, but not to make use of it. Upon entering the restroom, the Harlequin of Hate opens the seat and slithers into the tank. Meanwhile, an inebriated fairgoer stumbles around looking for a place to relieve himself. After his friends castigate him for his poor decision to eat fried foods on top of drinking himself to excess, the man finds his way to the same toilet the Joker visited earlier. The drunk man recoils at the smell of the restroom. And waiting inside the tank, submerged in the foul, blue water is the Joker, knife in hand.

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The Joker is Using a Porta-Potty For His Grossest Kill Ever






The Joker is undoubtedly one of Batman’s scariest and most deadly foes. But the demented clown has never been more frightening than in “Batman: The Winning Card”, a story set during Batman’s first year as a crime-fighter that recounts his first meeting with the Joker. As the villain tore his way through Gotham, Batman came up with a plan to put an early end to the criminal’s career. But Bruce Wayne discovered how much of a threat the Joker really was in a brutal fight that ended with the supervillain throwing Batman over a bridge.

The Joke has gone to some real depths to get his sick kicks. He’s harmed the elderly, poisoned entire cities, and even murdered children. While it’s hard to say which of his crimes is the worst one, this plan of his here definitely takes the cake for the villain’s grossest crime. One can only imagine how disgusting an average porta-potty is, much less one at a crowded carnival. The idea of willingly crawling into the tank is enough to make one gag or dry heave. Only the Joker would be crazy enough to do it in order to tickle his demented funny bone.

Nothing is Off-Limits for the Joker’s Sick Crimes or Jokes

Joker's Toxin DC Comics

If there’s one thing that the Joker loves, it’s adding a bit of humor to his offenses. Maybe some can see the humor in Joker making a sneak attack while someone is trying to use the restroom. But the idea of being attacked by someone hiding in the tank of a porta-potty is sickening, frightening and just plain creepy. But it also shows how there really is nothing the villain won’t do if he thinks it will be good for a laugh. As sickening as it is to see the Joker mingling in the fetid and disgusting waters of a porta-potty, it’s worse knowing how much of a laugh riot he thinks it is. Batman: The Brave and the Bold #5 goes on sale September 26th.

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