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The Meaning Behind Daryl Dixon Episode 4’s Dream Sequence Explained

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4 opened with a surprising dream sequence. Here’s what it could mean for Daryl and Laurent’s stories.


  • Daryl’s dream confirms that he cares about Laurent’s safety and is invested in helping him and Isabelle.
  • The dream suggests that Daryl may be starting to believe that Laurent is special, despite his previous doubts.
  • The dream ending, where Laurent leaves with the zombies, reflects Daryl’s fear of losing his loved ones to the walkers, motivating him to protect Laurent.



Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4 opened with a mysterious dream sequence that seems to carry hidden meaning for two of its main characters. The beginning of the episode saw Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon calling out for Laurent, who was about to get swarmed by zombies. Inexplicably, the zombies left Laurent alone once he began to pray, much to Daryl’s bewilderment.

It quickly became evident that Laurent’s encounter with the zombies didn’t actually happen. Immediately afterward, Daryl opened his eyes in the water, confirming that the previous sequence was just a dream or hallucination. Daryl didn’t address what occurred in his dream, nor did the series offer an explanation for its purpose in the narrative. However, certain elements of the scene provide an indication of its importance to the plot, and what it means for Daryl and Laurent’s story going forward.

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Daryl’s Dream Confirms He’s Starting To Care About Laurent

Throughout the series, Daryl has expressed his reluctance to get involved in the nuns’ efforts to transport Laurent. While he ultimately did agree to help, he made it clear that his real goal was to return to Alexandria, with Isabelle calling him out in Daryl Dixon episode 3 for only caring about getting home. His past comments aside, there are moments that demonstrate that Daryl is now genuinely invested in helping both Laurent and Isabelle. His refusal to let Isabelle make a deal with Quinn for Daryl’s benefit, combined with the fact that he dreamed about Laurent being in mortal peril, confirms that the welfare of both characters matter a great deal to Daryl.

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On the surface, Daryl and Laurent share nothing in common, but episode 3’s twist about Quinn created a way for a connection to form. As it turns out, both have awful fathers who were largely absent from their lives for one reason or another. That, and Daryl seems to have sympathized with Laurent on another level when the latter admitted that he had no desire to be “special” like the nuns want him to be. Regardless of the reason, Daryl clearly cares about Laurent enough to worry for his safety. This notion was supported by later developments in episode 4, which showcased the character working hard to save him from Quinn.

The Dream Sequence Suggests Daryl DOES Think Laurent Is Special

Laurent looking sad in The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

Interestingly, the dream does more than just point to Daryl’s desire to protect Laurent. Laurent making the zombies leave him alone by praying defies Daryl’s entire position on the nuns’ beliefs. Daryl, not wavering in his conviction that Laurent isn’t some sort of messiah figure, has repeatedly failed to convince Isabelle that Laurent is just a normal kid. Outwardly, his stance hasn’t changed, but his dream is a sign that the character may be experiencing doubts about that.

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Dreaming about Laurent having power over the zombies in some way goes to show that Daryl has in fact given the possibility that Laurent is special at least some degree of consideration. Outside of the supposed prophetic drawing from episode 1, Daryl hasn’t seen anything of substance yet that could be cited as proof of Isabelle’s claims. But, he’s encountered a number of survivors who seem convinced of Laurent’s ability to become their savior. Meeting so many like-minded people willing to do whatever it takes for Laurent’s sake could have had a slight influence on Daryl’s opinion. Laurent’s effect on people, like the sick woman in episode 3, may have been a factor as well.

Why Laurent Leaves With The Zombies In Daryl’s Dream

Daryl Dixon and Laurent in Walking Dead spinoff

How the dream ends could also hold significance for Daryl. After surviving the zombies through the power of prayer, Laurent ignored Daryl’s calls and left with the walkers. In a sense, this aspect of Daryl’s dream could be a metaphor for the losses Daryl has suffered on account of the zombies in the past. Over the years, battles with walkers have cost Daryl the lives of several people he cared about. One of the biggest examples is Carol’s daughter, Sophie. After the child went missing, Daryl famously went on a long mission to rescue her, but it proved to be in vain.

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Since then, Daryl has also lost Carl, Rosita, and several other fellow survivors to the zombie virus. Life in The Walking Dead’s world has robbed Daryl of so many people who were close to him, making it understandable for Daryl to be concerned about the same happening to his new friends, including Laurent. The show hinting at these concerns from Daryl is indicative of the lengths he’ll go to complete his mission and get Laurent to safety in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 1’s ending.

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