The Sanderson Sisters’ 13 Best Hocus Pocus Quotes


The Sanderson Sisters’ 13 Best Hocus Pocus Quotes

The Sanderson Sisters made Hocus Pocus iconic with their witty quotes, and they have a lot of great lines throughout Disney’s 1993 Halloween movie.


  • The Sanderson Sisters’ on-screen chemistry and witty line delivery make them irreplaceable in
    Hocus Pocus
  • Winifred, Sarah, and Mary have some of the most memorable and funny quotes in the movie.
  • The quotes from the Sanderson Sisters highlight their comical and threatening nature, adding to the overall charm of
    Hocus Pocus



The Sanderson Sisters are a major part of what makes Hocus Pocus such an iconic Halloween movie. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy embody the roles of Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson with an impressive amount of charm. In fact, their on-screen chemistry and witty line delivery throughout Hocus Pocus could never be recreated by anyone else.

While there are a lot of iconic and hilarious quotes in Hocus Pocus from characters like Max and Dani, the Sanderson Sisters have some of the most unforgettable lines. Whether they’re trying to be comical or downright threatening, Winifred and her sisters always know the right thing to say to make the audience laugh — or fear for Max, Dani, and Allison’s lives.

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13 “Oh, Look, Another Glorious Morning. Makes Me Sick!” -Winifred

This is one of Winifred’s most memorable quotes in Hocus Pocus, and it’s also her first line. As Thackery Binx attempts to rescue his sister, Emily, before the Sanderson Sisters can suck the life out of her, Winifred pushes her window open and is less than pleased with the morning sky. To be fair, she doesn’t seem like much of a morning person with her disheveled hair and hoarse voice. The line introduces Winifred as a pretty pessimistic character before she quickly goes back inside, where she and her sisters use Emily to regain their youth.

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12 “I Am Beautiful. Boys Will Love Me.” -Sarah

Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

While all three Sanderson Sisters are vain and obsessed with their appearances, Sarah is the worst of all. After the sisters regain their youth, Sarah’s first thought is how attractive she is going to look to boys. She continues to play with this boy-crazy narrative later in the film, as she flirts with every male character she comes into contact with.

11 “Well, I Don’t Know. Cat’s Got My Tongue.” -Winifred

sanderson sisters hanging - hocus pocus

After killing Emily and turning Thackery into a black cat, Winifred and her sisters are hung in front of the town. However, no one knows what’s happened to Thackery, and the Sanderson Sisters refuse to reveal what they’ve done. When Thackery’s father asks Winifred where his son is, Winifred laughs and tells him the cat’s got her tongue. Only she and her sisters understand the joke, though viewers may get a laugh out of it as well.

10 “I Smell Children.” -Mary

Mary Sanderson in Hocus Pocus

After Max lights the black flame candle in Hocus Pocus and brings the Sanderson Sisters back to life, Winifred, Mary, and Sarah reenter their home. Mary immediately senses there’s a child in her presence. She tells Winifred and even goes on to specify that the child is a young girl around the age of 7 or 8. Mary follows the smell to Dani’s hiding spot, where Max’s brave younger sister reveals herself.

9 “Thank You, Max, For That Marvelous Introduction.”-Winifred

winifred about to sing i put a spell on you - hocus pocus

One of the most iconic scenes in Hocus Pocus comes at the Halloween party, where the Sanderson Sisters perform an upbeat version of Screamin’ Jay’s “I Put A Spell On You.” Before their rendition, Max tries to warn his parents about the witches and even goes on stage to warn all the partygoers. Unfortunately, everyone at the party thinks it’s an act when Winifred thanks him for the introduction and performs the song. Winifred’s comments completely discredit Max’s concerns and convince the crowd that it’s all a joke.

8 In Response To “Go To Hell”: “Oh, I’ve Been There, Thank You. I Found It Quite Lovely.” -Winifred

Winifred Sanderson using her powers in Hocus Pocus

Toward the end of Hocus Pocus, when Billy Butcherson attempts to help Max, Dani, and Allison, he tells Winifred to “go to Hell.” She responds comically, letting him know she’s already been there — and that she actually enjoyed it. It’s one of Winifred’s funniest lines because it reaffirms that she’s pretty evil and fits right in when she’s sent to the most wicked place in existence. It also emphasizes Winifred’s power, as there are few things the other characters can say that will break her down.

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7 “My Lucky Rat Rail! Just Where I Left It!” -Sarah

Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus

As the Sanderson Sisters reenter their home after Max accidentally brings them back to life, Sarah reaches up and finds her lucky rat tail. The line, which Dani looks pretty disturbed to hear Sarah say, showcases just how odd the witches are, especially placed in a modern environment. It also highlights Sarah’s airhead personality. While the witches are excited to be back and continue their quest to get even younger, Sarah’s preoccupied with a meaningless rat tail.

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6 “Look At Her. She’s So Well Fed, Isn’t She? Plump.” -Mary

Hocus Pocus Dani

Mary is especially excited by Dani’s appearance because it means the Sanderson Sisters can siphon a lot of youth out of her. While this Hocus Pocus line is funny from the outside looking in, it makes Dani very uncomfortable and scared. It also shows how ruthless the witches are. Mary talks about Dani like she’s a piece of food for her and her sisters to enjoy. Fortunately, not long after, Max and Allison rescue Dani and run away, destroying the witches’ opportunity to feast.

5 “We Must Find The Book, Brew The Potion, And Suck The Lives Out Of The Children Of Salem Before Sunrise.” -Winifred


Winifred and her sisters are determined to use the children of Salem for everlasting youth. This Hocus Pocus quote comes after Dani, Max, and Allison escape from the witches’ home after bringing them back to life. The Sanderson Sisters already had plans to devour Dani and the other children in Salem, but after three kids trick them and get away, they become more determined to get what they want. The way Winifred delivers the Hocus Pocus line further proves just how relentless she is.

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4 “Brave Little Virgin Who Lit The Candle. I’ll Be Thy Friend.” -Sarah


Sarah is unconcerned with the age of the men or boys she encounters throughout Hocus Pocus, as she flirts with everyone. This line comes across as pretty inappropriate as she says it to Max, and her flirtatious nature doesn’t work on him at all. It’s also pretty funny because she’s mocking Max for being the virgin who lit the candle, something he’s insecure about and doesn’t want Allison to know.

3 “She Really Hurt My Feelings. She Doesn’t Even Know Me.” -Winifred

Winifred crying to Mary and Sarah in Hocus Pocus

A pretty underrated line from Hocus Pocus comes after Max and Allison rescue Dani for a second time toward the end of the film. Dani tells Winifred that no matter how young she becomes, she’ll always be ugly because she’s evil on the inside. For the first time, Winifred is affected by what Dani says to her, and she cries to her sisters about it. It’s a comical scene, but it simultaneously shows a sensitive side of Winifred, which isn’t seen at any other point in Hocus Pocus.

2 “Sisters, Satan Has Married Medusa. See The Snakes In Her Hair.” -Mary

Penny and Garry Marshall in Hocus Pocus

One of the funniest aspects of Hocus Pocus, which the film plays upon often, is the fact that the Sanderson Sisters don’t understand 1993 culture because they haven’t been alive since 1693. They don’t understand the concept of dressing up for Halloween, so they think Garry Marshall’s character is actually Satan instead of a man dressed as the devil. They then assume his wife, played by Peggy Marshall, is Medusa because she has curlers in her hair.

1 “It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus.” -Winifred.

The Sanderson sisters casting a spell on Hocus Pocus

Winifred’s most powerful line in Hocus Pocus is one said by Max earlier in the film, just before he lights the black flame candle. Winifred repeats it, mocking Max and name-dropping Hocus Pocus’ title and its meaning. Max calls the candle myth “a bunch of hocus pocus,” but once the Sanderson Sisters return, it becomes clear he’s wrong about that. The legend turns out to be true, and when Winifred sees that Max is now afraid, she mocks him by reciting his line back to him. As Hocus Pocus fans know, it’s more than “a bunch of hocus pocus” after all.

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