"The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard": Star Trek's New Shaxs Special Was Originally Pitched as a Joke


“The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard”: Star Trek’s New Shaxs Special Was Originally Pitched as a Joke

Shaxs has entered the Star Trek war of the gods, but their involvement actually started with a joke idea that no one thought they’d be allowed to pull off.

star trek‘s next special Shax’s Best Day it was originally released as a joke. Shaxs, the Bajoran security officer aboard the USS Cerritos, he has entered the war of the gods, helping Captain Sisko and his crew stop Kahless and his crusade of terror against the godlike beings of the universe. This war of the gods will include the unprecedented comic crossover blood dayand from this event arises the one-shot Shaxs Best Day. This special book and all of Shaxs’ involvement started with a joke.


IDW held a special Star Trek –Downtown panel at San Diego Comic-Con, moderated by Senior Editor Heather Antos. After discussing blood dayAntos changed the discussion to Shaxs Best Day. Citing Shax’s love of violence and hatred of fascism, the panel felt it was perfect for blood day. There was some issue about whether the creative team could use the character. Writer Jackson Lanzing revealed that he jokingly pitched a one-shot in which Shaxs would do nothing for 30 pages except fight the Klingons. Lanzing said that Antos was not enthusiastic about the idea, calling it “The stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” However, he goes on to say, Antos texted him a few weeks later, saying “Ryan North was in.” Lanzing wasn’t sure what she meant, until she clarified that the Shaxs vs Klingon ‘speech’ was still going ahead.

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star trek God War needed Shaxs

Last fall, IDW shook up its line of star trek comics, kicking off an epic story that saw the Klingon clone emperor Kahless attempt to kill the godlike beings of the franchise. The Bajoran prophets sent Captain Sisko back to our reality to stop him; to aid him in his mission, Starfleet has provided him with a makeshift crew drawn from multiple incarnations of the franchise. In the second arc of the book, Sisko and company attempted to track down the Bajoran Orb of Destruction, which Kahless was after. Starfleet assigned Shaxs, an expert on Bajoran artifacts, to the theseus to help Sisko in the search for the Orb. The war of the gods has now heated up, and Shaxs is caught up in it.

Shaxs almost didn’t join God’s war

Shaxs appears on the bridge in Star Trek Lower Decks

Shaxs entry into the war of the gods not only provided a link to Star Trek: Lower Decksbut shook the theseus even more, but it almost did not happen. The creative team wasn’t sure if they could use it, most likely due to it appearing on the currently ongoing show. lower decks. They confessed that Shaxs did not originally play a significant role in blood day, and they didn’t have much to do for him. Lanzing’s idea for a Shaxs one-shot was originally a joke, but now it has paid off, as Shaxs Best Day It is scheduled to hit stores this September. Ryan North, who wrote last year lower decks comedian, will return for writing assignments; frequent contributor Derek Charm will provide art. from North lower decks The book shows that he knows the characters and what makes them tick, especially Shaxs.

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Shaxs has proven invaluable to Captain Sisko and the theseus. His understanding of Bajoran religious artifacts keeps him from Kahless and the Red Road, and his burning hatred of fascism and oppression motivates everything he does. Shaxs is a fierce warrior and model officer, but his involvement in star trek‘s God War was a happy accident based on a deliberately exaggerated tone.

Star Trek: Day of Blood: Shaxs Best Day is on sale September 27 from IDW Publishing!

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