The Walking Dead Has Already Admitted Daryl Dixon Is Lying To You


The Walking Dead Has Already Admitted Daryl Dixon Is Lying To You

The Walking Dead proves that Daryl Dixon’s spinoff has been lying about an important character, which could push the story in a different direction.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Daryl Dixon episode 3.




  • Daryl Dixon’s spinoff crushes theories about Laurent’s purpose, strongly suggesting he is just an ordinary boy and not a messiah with supernatural abilities.
  • Daryl explains that people need to believe Laurent is special to find hope in the dangerous world of the apocalypse, but reality is kicking in for the characters.
  • Laurent’s emotional maturity and cleverness make him special, which doesn’t mean he has supernatural powers.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has already shut down potential theories surrounding one of the main characters, which could change the show’s narrative completely. Now that Daryl Dixon’s spinoff has reached its halfway point, there have been increasingly demanding questions among audiences wanting to learn more about the characters and potential future of The Walking Dead. With so many theories flying around, some were bound to be untrue, causing further speculation about where Daryl Dixon is actually headed. In the recent episode titled “Paris sera toujours Paris”, it seems like one of the biggest theories surrounding Laurent’s purpose in the show has been crushed by none other than Daryl himself.

Laurent was the focus of Daryl Dixon’s trailers and preview photos, with most of the marketing content hinting that this young boy was driving the narrative in France. Daryl, tasked with the mission of delivering the child to a group in Paris, has shared some doubts regarding his mission and purpose in Isabelle’s plan. Although audiences are yet to watch the next Daryl Dixon episodes play out, there is a chance that The Walking Dead has been lying about Laurent, but that doesn’t mean more plot twists are not on the horizon for this character.

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The Walking Dead Is Telling You Laurent Isn’t Special

From the very beginning of Daryl Dixon’s spinoff, it was teased that Laurent is a messiah since he held prophetic abilities, allowing him to predict Daryl’s arrival in France. Theories also suggested a Walking Dead superpower twist with Laurent, even though this revelation could change the franchise completely. However, in episode 3, “Paris sera toujours Paris”, Daryl states that the so-called messiah is just an ordinary young boy who happened to get lucky during his birth. This line is huge for Daryl Dixon because it hints that Laurent isn’t special after all, changing his purpose and future in the spinoff.

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Daryl saying this revelation out loud to the other characters is a way for The Walking Dead to push the spinoff in another direction. Since Laurent might not be a messiah with supernatural abilities, the narrative must follow a different path that focuses on something bigger than the child, which could be the newfound zombie experiments. The revealing line from Daryl could soften the blow for upcoming plot points in the spinoff and stop audiences from creating new theories about Laurent’s character.

Daryl Explains Why Everyone Believes Laurent Is Special

Daryl clearly explains to Isabelle why he thinks everyone is counting on Laurent being special. Due to the increasingly dangerous world, the group needs to believe in something good and real to keep them going in the apocalypse. Even if that cause is unrealistic, the motivation is enough to prevent people from feeling useless or losing hope completely. Judging by Isabelle’s shocked but sad expression, she understood that Daryl’s take on the situation was probably right, which might change her plan when she and Daryl search for Laurent in episode 4.

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It also seems like Laurent is the light everyone needs when going out into the world after losing their home to Walking Dead’s newest Daryl Dixon villains. Isabelle, being somewhat traumatized by her sister’s morbid birth, wants to believe that her death gave Laurent a deeper meaning when he survived the zombified birth. Now, Isabelle could feel responsible for giving Laurent a better life, which explains why she and her former nuns believed the young boy was going to be a messiah in the future. Since reality is finally kicking in for these characters, Laurent can live his life as an ordinary kid without the pressure of becoming a leader.

Why Laurent Seems So Special In The Walking Dead

The-Walking-Dead-Daryl-Dixon-Cast-AMC-Louis-Puech-Scigliuzzi-Laurent (1)

From what the show has revealed so far, Laurent is a very clever and emotionally mature child who can empathize with people by sensing their emotions and thoughts. These traits alone make Laurent special and one of the most intelligent characters in The Walking Dead universe, but that doesn’t mean he has any supernatural powers or immunity to the virus. Isabelle believed that Laurent’s prophetic picture made him a potential messiah, but his drawing could simply be a coincidence that stems from a child’s imagination. Considering he was raised in a religious community, the picture could just resemble a higher power looking over them as they navigate the apocalypse.

Even though Laurent does appear special and crucial to the narrative, it seems like Daryl Dixon’s spinoff is focusing on the origins of the strong zombie variants. There could also be room for other plot twists surrounding Laurent’s character that don’t relate to any theories audiences have thought of. Regardless, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has made it clear that the theory about Laurent being “special” is a lie, which changes the narrative direction of this spinoff and sets up other storylines with a bigger meaning.

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Daryl Dixon continues Sunday on AMC.

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