Thirteen Ghosts Ending Explained


Thirteen Ghosts Ending Explained

Thirteen Ghosts follows a series of ghosts trapped in a mansion, with only one person able to free them by the end of the 2001 horror film.


  • Arthur defeats the ghosts and frees them with the help of Maggie, saving his children and shattering the haunted house.
  • Cyrus faked his death to lure Arthur into the house and make him the thirteenth ghost, but his plan backfires and he dies for real.
  • Kalina, Cyrus’ girlfriend, turns out to be partnered with him but lies about the machine, leading to her death at Cyrus’ hands.



Thirteen Ghosts is a remake of a 1961 film with a just as twisted plot and ending. The film follows a ghost hunter named Cyrus and his psychic sidekick named Dennis. After Cyrus’ death, his mansion is passed down to his nephew Arthur and his children, Kathy and Bobby. The family, who lost their mother, Jean, in a fire, move into the glass house with their nanny, Maggie. Unfortunately, the inherited home is no ordinary house. In fact, it’s haunted by twelve ghosts awaiting the thirteenth to complete it, setting the stage for surprising twists at the end.

It turns out all the ghosts Cyrus hunted ended up trapped in the home, and he lured his nephew into the house with the intention of killing him, too. There are many themes hidden in Thirteen Ghosts, such as the power of love over evil. However, it takes a lot of work for the characters to overpower Cyrus and the terrifying ghosts living in his mansion. Luckily, everything works out for the family by the end of Thirteen Ghosts, one of the best Dark Castle Entertainment movies.

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Arthur Defeats The Ghosts & Frees Them

While Arthur is meant to become the thirteenth ghost, he ends up saving his children and freeing the twelve other ghosts in the home. He does this with some help from Maggie, who disrupts the machine in the home, causing it to malfunction. When Arthur jumps into the center of the dangerous rings in the home to save his children, the home begins to shatter around him.

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His love and devotion to his kids are powerful enough to fight off any harm the ghosts want to cause him. When the home begins to shatter, the ghosts are no longer trapped inside, and they peacefully leave, granting safety to Arthur, Kathy, Bobby, and Maggie. While Arthur initially thought he had to become a ghost in order to save his children and shut down the house, he found a way to save everyone without dying.

Why Cyrus Faked His Death In Thirteen Ghosts

Cyrus in Thirteen Ghosts

Cyrus seemingly dies early in the film when he’s killed by one of the ghosts he’s hunting with Dennis and the rest of his team. He leaves his lawyer a video of himself declaring Arthur and his family will receive his mansion. However, later in Thirteen Ghosts, Cyrus reappears, confirming he faked his death to lure his nephew into the home.

His plan was to kill Arthur because he believed making him the thirteenth ghost would stop the machine, but this was a lie. Instead, the thirteenth ghost would actually activate it. Unfortunately for Cyrus, he gets his karma at the end of the film as he ends up dying for real. Cyrus is thrown into the moving rings by one of the ghosts, and he ends up getting sliced into pieces.

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Who Is Kalina & What Is Her Fate?

Kalina in Thirteen Ghosts

Kalina appears toward the end of the film as a spirit liberator who wants to free the ghosts from Cyrus’ mansion. She is the one who tells Arthur that the mansion is a machine that is powered by all the captured ghosts, and it allows its users to see into the past, present, and future. The way to shut it down is to sacrifice a thirteenth ghost through the power of love.

However, it turns out Kalina isn’t one of the good guys; she’s actually partnered up with Cyrus and is his girlfriend. However, she lies to Cyrus about the machine, and when she doesn’t want to harm Kathy and Bobby, Cyrus gets mad. His anger causes him to kill Kalina, and she doesn’t make it to the end of Thirteen Ghosts.

The Significance Of The Latin Phrases In Thirteen Ghosts

Latin Phrases in Thirteen Ghosts

Cyrus’ mansion is covered in Latin phrases, which seems odd at the beginning of Thirteen Ghosts. They are engraved all over the glass walls of his home and in the center of the rings, which ultimately kill him. The Latin phrases are actually barrier spells, and Dennis is the one to figure this out.

The barrier spells keep the ghosts locked inside Cyrus’ mansion. This is why they are finally able to leave the mansion once the glass is shattered. Without the spells surrounding the home, there is nothing preventing the ghosts from walking out the front door and being free like they wanted the whole time.

What Happens To Dennis In Thirteen Ghosts?

Matthew Lillard in Thirteen Ghosts

It was hard to tell if Dennis was a good guy or a bad guy throughout Thirteen Ghosts, as he was working under Cyrus’ orders. However, by the end, he turned out to be somewhat of a hero. From the start, he seemed hesitant to help Cyrus, but he chose to help him anyway. However, when Arthur and his family moved into the house, Dennis’ loyalties shifted.

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Instead, he started helping Arthur and his kids. Unfortunately, he dies when two ghosts, Hammer and the Juggernaut, beat him to death. However, the reason he dies is because he is busy helping Arthur protect himself from the ghosts. Even after his death, he continues to help the family in his ghost form, cheering Arthur on as he jumps in between the rings to save his children.

Why Does Jean Appear At The End Of Thirteen Ghosts?

Jean in Thirteen Ghosts

Jean’s cause of death is revealed early in Thirteen Ghosts. Arthur’s home went on fire, and while he went to save his children, his wife sadly was caught in the fire. The firefighters wouldn’t allow Arthur back in the house to save her, so Jean ended up dying in the fire. Bobby sees the ghost of his mother – who has been severely damaged by the fire–while he is in Cyrus’ mansion.

However, he later sees her again at the end of the film, and his father and sister see her, too. This time, she appears the way she looked before she was burned in the fire. Instead of haunting the family like her ghost previously did, she looks happy. She appears to be watching over her family like a guardian angel as she tells them, “I love you.

This ending suggests that Jean is happy her family freed her and the other ghosts. It also suggests she’s proud of them all for sticking together and using the power of love to fight off the ghosts and Cyrus. After all, the moral of Thirteen Ghosts seems to be how love always overpowers evil.

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