This Witcher Book Character Will Fix The Show's Villain Problem In Season 4


This Witcher Book Character Will Fix The Show’s Villain Problem In Season 4

The Witcher has a major villain problem on its hands, but luckily, if the series returns to its source material, the perfect solution awaits.


  • The Witcher’s villain problem has persisted throughout its seasons, with no truly great villains introduced so far, which is a major issue for a fantasy series.
  • The show has failed to develop its secondary characters in the same way as the main cast, making it difficult for audiences to care about the villains.
  • Introducing Leo Bonhart, a malicious and creepy bounty hunter from the books, could potentially fix The Witcher’s villain problem, as he poses a serious threat but has room for development in the TV series. However, it’s uncertain whether Bonhart will appear in Season 4.



Netflix’s fantasy series The Witcher has seen many ups and downs over the course of its three seasons, however, one significant issue that has persisted throughout is its villains, which fortunately, is a problem that can be fixed by introducing this one book character into the mix. The Witcher is a fantasy television series based on a collection of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Though the series saw much acclaim in its early seasons, the show’s quality and accuracy has drifted, and Henry Cavill’s recent departure has only made the show’s future look even more bleak.

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Since The Witcher season 3’s major disappointments, the fantasy show has been on the rocks with audiences. All of its flaws throughout its three-season run have now come to the forefront and clouded fans’ perspectives. In reality, The Witcher season 4 is really the show’s last chance to prove itself worthy. Overall, the next installment must show that there is enough good in the series to outweigh the bad. So, to do this, The Witcher must work hard to fix some of its biggest issues, including its villain problem.

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The Witcher Hasn’t Had Any Truly Great Villains So Far

At its core, The Witcher’s villain problem is that the series hasn’t had any truly amazing villains so far. This seems impossible considering the show’s more violent, fantasy nature, and also its expansive run-time, however it is true. The Witcher’s strongest characters are its protagonists: Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and Jaskier. All other characters in the series tend to fall flat or the creators struggle to develop them in the same way they have developed the main cast. This is a major problem for villain characters because, although a villain is evil, audiences must still care about the character whether it is through love or hate.

The Witcher has come close to building a strong villain as well, though they ultimately failed. For example, in The Witcher season 2, the series introduced Rience. He was a fire mage that was tasked with hunting down Ciri. With his distinctive look and fiery personality, Rience had the potential to be a great, slow-burn type of villain, however the series ruined it by killing him off. Rience’s The Witcher season 3 fate proves that right when the series is at the precipice of solving their problem, they make the same mistakes. In the end, The Witcher needs to put more time and effort into their big bad guys.

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Leo Bonhart From The Books Can Fix The Witcher’s Villain Problem

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The answer to The Witcher’s villain problem is Leo Bonhart. First introduced in Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher novels, Bonhart is a malicious and creepy bounty hunter that kidnaps Ciri for a time, and furthermore, is considered a particularly gruesome and evil person. Once a professional solider in Ebbing, Bonhart became a skilled bounty hunter. His prowess can be seen via the three witcher medallions he wears around his neck which he claimed to have earned after killing their previous owners. Although Bonhart’s time within The Witcher plot doesn’t last particularly long, the television series could do plenty with him.

Overall, Bonhart is the perfect choice for The Witcher because he poses a serious threat, but isn’t a major villain. This means that he is a built-in dangerous character, but there is room for development in the TV series. For example, Bonhart never meets a tragic end that could kill him before he reaches his full potential. Furthermore, Bonhart is an interesting character because he doesn’t seem to be totally evil. Although he has no problem killing and mutilating, he does seem to have a moral compass at times. Plus, his job as a bounty hunter makes him an interesting enemy for Geralt.

Will Leo Bonhart Be In The Witcher Season 4?


So far, there is no telling whether Leo Bonhart will appear in The Witcher season 4. At this point, Liam Hemsworth’s casting as Geralt has overwhelmed any other casting news for The Witcher season 4. However, it definitely could be a possibility. The Witcher season 3 added all sorts of new characters, some of which never even existed in the book series. Therefore, it seems probable that as the next season comes closer, new characters like Leo Bonhart will be revealed. But then again, The Witcher has disappointed fans before, so it is just as likely that Bonhart will remain locked on paper.

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