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Tony Beets Net Worth: How Rich Is He? Lifestyle And Career

Tony Beets is a legendary Klondike gold miner and well-known television personality. He has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Tony Beets is most known for his appearance on Discovery Channel’s reality show “Gold Rush.” This program follows the participants, their crews, and their families on gold mining escapades. Tony was born on December 15, 1959, in Wijdenes, the Netherlands. He first made a fortune milking cows in the Netherlands before moving to Canada in 1984. Tony initially spent three years in the construction industry. Later, he worked in a gold mine as a machine operator. Tony now owns and operates the “Tamarack Mine” near Dawson City, Yukon.

Tony Beets Earnings

Tony Beets has been in the TV program “Gold Rush” since its second season and continues to do so. First, he appeared as an adviser to Todd Hoffman on the show’s second season. Tony told Hoffman about digging test holes for gold mining. Then he returned for the show’s fourth season. Tony appeared on the program this time as a mentor to Parker Schnabel, who was mining on his farm in Dawson City, Canada.

In the fifth season of the program, Tony Beets spent $1 million on a dredge in Clear Creek for his mining company. He predicted that this dredge could unearth up to $1.5 million in gold in a single season. Tony and his team extracted 3,659 ounces of gold worth about $4.39 million at Eureka Creek in 2018. As a result of the gold he gathered throughout the course of the show’s various seasons, he has amassed a fortune. Tony Beets has appeared not just on the main program “Gold Rush,” but also in numerous of the show’s spin-off series. Tony has already featured in over 160 episodes of the program “Gold Rush.” Similarly, he earns around $25,000 every episode for his presence on the program.

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Gold Mining

Tony owns many gold mines in the Yukon Territory. He is the owner of the Tamarack mine and the Scribner Creek claim. As previously stated, he loaned his Scribner Creek claim to Parker Schnabel during the fourth season of the program. Similarly, Tony makes a good living by renting his mines to other gold miners in return for a portion of the profits.

Tony Beet’s Net Worth

Tony Beets’ net worth is reported to be in the $15 million range. He made the most of his money through gold mining and starring in “Gold Rush.” As a result, Tony has the largest net worth among the cast members.


Tony Beets began working at an early age. His father became disabled when he was just 15 years old. To make ends meet, Tony milked cows and worked on the farm. Tony and his wife, Minnie, grew up together. When Tony’s family moved next door to Minnie’s family, they first met. Tony was seven years old, and Minnie was just six. When Minnie became 20, they began dating.

Tony Beets

In quest of greater possibilities, the pair married and moved to Canada. Tony and Minnie have four children as well: Monica, Bianca, Kevin, and Mike Beets. Tony’s whole family is interested in his gold mining venture. Jasmine was the couple’s second daughter. Unfortunately, she died when she was only three months old. Tony has a jasmine blossom tattoo on his arm in memory of his late daughter. Tony and his family are now living a respectable life, able to meet most of their demands.

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Tony Beets’ Professional Career

Tony Beets runs one of the major gold mines in Klondike, Yukon. Tony has also been on the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” since its second season in 2011. As a result, he is one of the show’s most prominent and well-known characters. Tony has gone through a lot, from being a farmworker in the Netherlands to a gold miner in Canada. Tony is often sought out by gold miners and mining families for excellent gold mining information.

Tony is renowned for hiring local youths to work on his mining operations if they can complete his rigorous training. Tony Beets has also participated in three Gold Rush spinoff series: “Gold Rush: Pay Dirt” (2017), “Gold Rush: White Water” (2018), and “Gold Rush: The Dirt” (from 2013 to 2020). In 2013, he was also included in the documentary “Gold Fever.” Tony will star in the upcoming Discovery Channel spinoff series “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.” “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” will air on July 30, 2021 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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