Tony Stark Is Assembling the Weirdest Avengers Team Ever - & His First Recruit Is Doctor Doom


Tony Stark Is Assembling the Weirdest Avengers Team Ever – & His First Recruit Is Doctor Doom

Tony Stark has been a founding member of the Avengers a few times in the past, but not like this, as he and Doctor Doom are forming the wierdest team.


  • Tony Stark forms the weirdest Avengers team ever in the newly-introduced Marvel universe of Earth-6160.
  • The team is formed to take down the ruthless and uncaring Maker, who is experimenting on the entire universe.
  • Tony Stark, along with Doctor Doom, searches for the third member of their team, Captain America, to combat the multiversal evil that plagues their world.



Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ultimate Invasion #4 While Tony Stark is certainly no stranger to being a founding member of the Avengers, one version of Iron Man is currently assembling the weirdest Avengers team ever, and the fact that his first recruit is Doctor Doom only confirms it.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man was one of the founding members of the Avengers in both the prime continuity of Marvel Comics’ Earth-616 and in the MCU. Both of those times called for the formation of a team strong enough to take down a world-ending threat, and this most recent case is no different. In the newly-introduced Marvel universe of Earth-6160, Tony Stark is up against a threat that neither previous versions of himself ever had to deal with before: the Maker. While a Reed Richards variant may not seem as deadly as the literal god Loki (as that’s who brought the Avengers together in the comics and the movies), that sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. The Maker is smart, ruthless, and utterly uncaring when it comes to his sick experiments – and he’s experimenting on this entire universe. Now, only Tony Stark of Earth-6160 – who’s still just a kid – needs to form a team to take him down. So far, Stark has this universe’s version of Doctor Doom on his side, and the two of them are about to thaw out a frozen Captain America.

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Tony Stark, Doctor Doom, & Captain America Are The Avengers Of Earth-6160

Captain America frozen in ice.

In Ultimate Invasion #4 by Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch, the Maker is in a temporal war against Kang, and is seemingly defeated by the end of the issue, leaving his secret world government antsy and on the precipice of starting a world war just to maintain their version of order. One member of this Illuminati was Howard Stark, until he turned on the Maker and actually sparked the battle with Kang. But before he did, he left his son Tony with a very important task: undo the damage the Maker has done to the world. So, Tony teams up with Howard’s former scientific partner under the Maker, Doctor Doom – who is actually Earth-6160’s Reed Richards twisted into Doctor Doom by the Maker as a sick joke. Together, Tony Stark designs his own Iron Man suit to match that of his father, and he and Doctor Doom set off to find the third member of their team: Captain America (which they do, as revealed in the final pages of the comic).

While this new superhero team hasn’t officially been named ‘the Avengers’ quite yet, the story of its formation is perhaps the most impactful version of the team ever written. Throughout this series so far, readers have watched as the Maker slowly tears this universe apart piece by piece, eliminating the superheroes he knows will rise up, and replacing them with corrupt world leaders totally under his control. With the ability to travel the multiverse, the Maker doesn’t see this universe as anything more than his lab experiment, with these people’s lives and their entire history meaning less than nothing to him. However, despite all the heroes who the Maker erased from existence, or those he twisted into his own personal puppets, a team of heroes is still rising up against him. It’s a different kind of Avengers team, to be sure, but one that is being forged in spite of the multiversal evil that plagues their world.

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Fans will have to wait until the next issue for even the chance of seeing this version of the Avengers in action. But just from the members and the circumstances surrounding them alone, it’s safe to say that fans won’t be disappointed, even if Tony Stark is undoubtedly forming the weirdest Avengers team ever with Doctor Doom.

Ultimate Invasion #4 by Marvel Comics is available now.

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