Top 5 Social Messaging Apps for You


Top 5 Social Messaging Apps for You

In the modern world, everyone uses smartphones for entertainment and other purposes. Some apps are used daily by people and that is the reason why they have reached the top places in the market. For some, social media has become an integral part of their life, like regular posting of videos, pictures, and much more. Social networks have also provided a great place for business and have also helped a lot in promoting it. Here are some apps that millions of people use daily:


It is one of the best applications today. It was created in 2010 and was acquired by Facebook. Instagram works well on both platforms like mobile apps and desktop sites. It was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin system and was released on October 6, 2010. It allows you to share photos and videos that help you create your profile. If you are going to create a public profile, it can be easily seen by those who are not your followers; however, a private account allows only those who send you requests that you accept to be your followers. It is one of the best platforms to increase the number of followers on Instagram by posting photos and videos about your daily life or special events in your life.


is one of the best WhatsApp MOD apps available right now. If you are using WhatsApp on your Android device, then you should try GBWhatsApp once. There are many more MOD apps available, but GBWA works best among them. It offers more features than its official app like you can use dual accounts on one device and some other amazing features of GB Whatsapp are:

  • password protected
  • Hide view state.
  • does not show the blue mark.
  • No writing indicator.
  • Always stay online.
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It is another top app that provides you with very interesting functions for a business. People often download these apps to find new friends, but talking to strangers is not always good. You can even set your profile to private and share photos, videos, and statuses with your friends. You can even make video calls and voice calls using Facebook. If you are running a business, you can connect with new customers and you can make progress with your business. Over a billion people are active on Facebook.


It is one of the most famous and popular apps among teenagers. Its features are very unique and different compared to other apps. The latest feature of Snapchat is stories where you can post pictures and videos and the story will disappear once viewed after just 10 seconds. It has numerous options that are very amazing to use and can make your photo and video more effective by applying text and filters. The app is really useful for chatting and making phone calls and it even gives you a direct connection with customers. Snapchat can be harmful as snaps can be deleted by children under 18 so that parents cannot see what the child is doing on this app.


It is one of the popular apps all over the world. You can create an account by setting a profile picture and using your phone number. You will get a better chatting experience as it provides you with emojis and stickers that will add to the fun and enjoyment. It helps you connect with your friends and stay in touch with your family by sending messages. Status allows users to set videos and images that can only be seen by their contacts and friends. No unknown person can see your status, which is a nice security feature. And it provides end-to-end encryption by providing fingerprint lock features. The company even introduced group calling for its users, allowing them to add more users to call, but not more than 4. It also has live location sharing feature.

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Social networks are growing day by day and are making the people of our country smarter and faster. Social networks also help many people to stay in touch with their families when they are away from them. It is also useful for businessmen as it allows them to connect with new clients.

The 5 best social messaging apps

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