Transformers' New Canon Officially Brings Back an Awesome '86 Movie Villain


Transformers’ New Continuity Just Brought Back a Major G1 Villain

Another Transformer made their shocking Energon Universe debut in the pages of Void Rivals, and its one of the franchise’s greatest G1 villains.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Void Rivals #4!




  • The Transformers franchise has brought back a major Decepticon villain from the G1 era in the new series Void Rivals, with Shockwave making a shocking appearance in the Energon Universe.
  • This appearance of Shockwave on Cybertron is a significant reveal, keeping close to the franchise’s G1 roots and promising major repercussions for the Energon Universe going forward.
  • With Shockwave’s appearance, fans can speculate about which beloved character will appear next, and it’s possible that Megatron’s debut in the Energon Universe isn’t too far away.

With the upcoming release of the new Transformers series, the franchise has dropped a bombshell in its connected Energon Universe title Void Rivals, bringing back a major Decepticon villain from the G1 era. The title stunned readers when the first issue ended with the surprise appearance of Jetfire, and the creators have kept the train rolling with even more unexpected Transformers cameos in each subsequent issue.

Void Rivals #4 by Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici, Mat Lopes, and Rus Wooton continues the story of the Skuxxoid, who was previously introduced, revealing he is headed to Cybertron to sell his bounty to the Decepticon Shockwave, who makes his shocking debut in the new Energon Universe.

This issue follows Darak and Solila, two warriors from opposing sides in an intergalactic war. The two of them are stranded on a desolate moon following a fierce battle, and find themselves having to work together to survive. After making their way off the moon, the two are picked up by the Skuxxoid, who is among a race of mercenaries and bounty hunters in the Transformers franchise. This leads directly to Shockwave’s appearance.

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Shockwave is One of Transformers’ Greatest G1 Villains

It’s a huge reveal, and the first actual Transformer to appear in the Energon Universe following the surprise appearance of Jetfire in Void Rivals #1. Keeping close to the franchise’s G1 roots, this version of Shockwave doesn’t vary much from his classic look, keeping his purple color scheme and distinctive gun-hand. But just seeing the character on Cybertron feels significant. In addition to the previously announced Decepticon line-up of Starscream, Soundwave, Skywarp, Laserbeak, and Rumble, this is a huge cameo that promises major repercussions for the Energon Universe going forward.

In the original G1 continuity, Shockwave was left in charge of the Decepticons on Cybertron when Megatron followed Optimus Prime to Earth. Originally appearing in the 1985 wave of Transformers toys, Shockwave transformed into a powerful laser hand-cannon. The character was later developed to be the equal of Megatron, if not even more powerful than the Decepticons’ leader. Considering there has been no mention of Megatron in the Energon Universe era thus far, it’s safe to assume that Shockwave’s appearance here promises an even bigger reveal later on.

Shockwave is also known for developing the space bridge with Megatron, a way to transport from Cybertron to Earth without need of a spaceship, so perhaps Megatron’s Energon Universe debut isn’t too far away, either. Shockwave ultimately turns the Skuxxoid away in Void Rivals #4, angry that he’s had to waste valuable resources of Energon to come out of stasis for something so minor. It’s a clever way to build out the world of this new Energon Universe, and the surprise appearance of Shockwave in the pages of Void Rivals should be more than enough to get fans excited for the debut issue of the new Transformers series, leading readers to speculate about which beloved character will appear next.

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Void Rivals #4 is on sale now, and Transformers #1 is on sale October 4th, both from Skybound Entertainment.

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