Troubles Using Fax? Get Useful Info, 3 Tips + 1 Option at Hand


Troubles Using Fax? Get Useful Info, 3 Tips + 1 Option at Hand

Faxing is an essential part of almost any job and business. It is always necessary to have a fax machine nearby or even have the option of using your smartphone for this purpose. If something doesn’t work, there are first aid tips to quickly fix fax machine problems. Here are recommended things to do.

Wondering why my fax is not being sent? Before going through the exact tips on how to fix your fax job, let’s list the most common causes of broken faxes:

  • A fax machine cannot establish a connection.
  • A fax machine is busy or turned off.
  • There may be some problems with your ADF (automatic document feeder) fax machine or its cables.
  • Fax machine toner cartridges need repair. Or there is some technical problem with a fax machine.
  • A problem may not be yours at all. A number you are trying to fax to may not be available or may be busy. Try again. And if the problem persists, apply these quick tips.

The list of causes may not be limited to these, of course. If your fax isn’t sending the documents you need, try these tips to identify the problem and eliminate it:

  • Check the connection. It is the first step to make and cure the problem. Start with it. Unfortunately, it is often neglected. Avoid the situation where you have checked everything but could not verify this one simple thing. Start with it. Check for a cable, remove and insert it if necessary, and restart your fax machine.
  • Check the settings of the fax machine. The main problem may lie in the incorrect settings of your machine, in particular, the reception mode settings. Review all the settings your fax machine has by following the instructions.
  • Clean your fax machine. When it’s dirty, it can work worse, of course. Pay special attention to your corona and ADF wires. Before you start cleaning your machine, turn off your fax machine from the network.
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For more complicated issues, it is better to ask a professional for help. Surely, if you have limited time to wait for your fax machine to be fixed, it’s best to do what you can and where you are to resolve the problem. Using your iPhone or another smartphone close at hand can help a lot with that. An iPad will even work better. The only thing you need to do is to install a relevant iOS compatible tool.

If you need to scan documents urgently and you can’t do anything with your fax machine or it’s simply not nearby, there is a useful solution at hand. If you have a smartphone with a good camera, you can cure the situation. If you have an iPhone, it’s even better several times since its camera is almost powerful. If you are wondering how I can send a fax from my iPhone while preserving the quality of the documents at the same time, we can assure you that it is possible. A fax application based on modern technologies is developed and ensures proper scanning with additional editing of a document. You need to use your device and a phone number for everything to work.

Why should you install this app and have it ready? It is very useful in these more widespread cases that busy people know about:

  • going somewhere, even on the way to an important meeting, and remembering the documents you forgot to fax;
  • fax machine not working;
  • out of the office and urgently need to fax documents.

What kind of documents can you scan and fax with this tool? It can be anything, including the most widespread samples such as ID, licenses, certificates, menus, letters, photos, invoices, books, etc.

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Why is a fax application a valuable option for backup and even permanent use?

  • It’s easy to scan and fax documents. It only takes about a couple of minutes to do this.
  • This option is available from anywhere. Having a charged phone and using your phone number are the only things you need.
  • The quality of documents scanned for faxing is guaranteed thanks to the application of advanced technologies. The only thing you need to consider is proper lighting and location as you scan for the next fax.
  • The editor is available. For example, it’s easy to crop scans before sending them using an app.
  • Documents are effectively managed through a specialized directory.
  • Scans are protected by advanced features such as electronic signature.

If you need to send a fax but your machine won’t do it for you, check it. Check the connection, configuration and cables in the first turn. Ask professionals for help if something does not work. In the meantime, use your smartphone or iPad to heal the situation. It’s easy to take a photo of a document you need to fax in good quality and send it where you need it. Use your phone or tablet and an iOS compatible tool. Take it easy!

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