Twisted Metal Show's Story Makes The Games Even Better, Hypes Anthony Mackie: "It Justifies If You Go Back"


Twisted Metal Show’s Story Makes The Games Even Better, Hypes Anthony Mackie: “It Justifies If You Go Back”

Exclusive: Anthony Mackie, who stars in Peacock’s Twisted Metal adaptation, describes how the show can change gamers’ perspectives on gaming.


  • Anthony Mackie praised the Twisted Metal showrunner and writers for creating a three-dimensional story and characters that justify the gameplay experience.
  • The TV series has the opportunity to expand unexplored areas and improve the narrative and relationships between video game characters.
  • By offering more on-screen narrative exposure, the show can make relationships within games feel more impactful and make more sense to viewers.


twisted metal star Anthony Mackie provided an interesting perspective for fans of the video game franchise during a recent interview. Based on a vehicular combat game series of the same name, Peacock’s upcoming original is an action comedy set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with violence and danger in which Mackie stars as amnesiac milkman John Doe. Along with Mackie, twisted metal stars brooklyn nine nineby Stephanie Beatriz, Spider-Man: No Way HomeThomas Haden Church, and arrested developmentby Will Arnett.

In a recent interview with rant on screenAnthony Mackie delved into what fans can expect from twisted metal, particularly in terms of its narrative and characters. This included praise for the showrunner and writers of the show, along with an interesting note for video game fans. Check out the full quote below:

Anthony Mackie: Yeah, MJ had a very clear idea of ​​what he wanted the scope of this story to be and what he wanted Twisted Metal to become. He’s very good, as far as arc and character, and he maintains that to make him a three-dimensional person.

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You see that with this show, just like with Cobra Kai. It didn’t hurt that we had two of the best writers in the Deadpool and Zombieland business writing about this s**t. But he was really able to take these characters and this world, and make it three-dimensional to the point that it justifies if you go back and play the video game now after watching the show. The game makes more sense, because you have a relationship with the characters instead of choosing a car and shooting each other. It’s like, “Oh, he doesn’t like it for this. He doesn’t like it for that.” It was very well done, very well designed, and did a great job of relating the game to the show.

How Twisted Metal can improve game stories

while all twisted metal Games have had some kind of overarching narrative, Mackie is right when he points out that not everything is always explained when it comes to character relationships or backstories. The new TV series has the opportunity to expand and improve these unexplored areas while telling fresh stories with new characters. Some twisted metal The characters, including Mackie, have changed quite a bit from their in-game counterparts, opening up new avenues for the show to deepen.

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While some gamers may be put off by the fact that the lore of the games’ main characters has been altered, Mackie’s general point of how the show could affect returning gaming fans still rings true. By offering more on-screen narrative exposure, in-game relationships will feel more impactful and make more sense. Viewers will be able to see everything twisted metal has to offer when it premieres at Peacock later this month.

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