Underrated DC Villain is the Titans' Last Hope in the Beast World Event


Underrated DC Villain is the Titans’ Last Hope in the Beast World Event

This often-overlooked and underrated DC villain could emerge as the DC Universe’s last hope in the impending and cataclysmic Beast World event.


  • Klarion the Witch Boy may be the Titans’ last hope in the upcoming Beast World event, bringing a unique power that no other hero or villain has.
  • The Beast World crisis will test the Titans’ abilities as never before, with heroes and villains experiencing startling half-animal transformations.
  • Klarion’s connection to the Witch Women of Limbo Town could hold the key to ending the Beast World crisis, potentially freeing others from their beast forms.



Klarion the Witch Boy could possibly be the Titans’ last hope in the upcoming crisis event, Beast World. The infamous, mischief-prone witch boy being the DC Universe’s saving grace may come as a surprise to some fans; however, Klarion can bring something to the impending crisis that no other villain or hero can.

Beast World will be the crisis to test the Titans’ mettle as DC’s latest premier team of superheroes. This fan-favorite team will be pitted against a threat never experienced before in a crossover event: one spurred on by underrate Titan stalwart, Beast Boy. The massive event will feature heroes and villains alike undergoing startling transformations as they take on new half-animal forms that foreshadow an impending wave of unrestrained carnage.

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Klarion the Witch Boy Could Be the DCU’s Salvation

The half-animal forms featured in DC’s promotional material for the Titans: Beast World miniseries by Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, and Danny Miki bear a striking resemblance to Klarion’s own half-beast form, as seen in Seven Soldiers: Klarion #4 by Grant Morrison, Frazer Irving, and Pat Brosseau. This formidable transformation, known as a Horigal, represents Klarion’s unleashed power, achieved when he merges with his cat-like familiar, Teekl. Should this morally ambiguous character choose to align with them, Klarion — in this form — could undoubtedly become a valuable asset to the Titans. However, Klarion brings more than just his own beastly abilities to the table; he brings something that could potentially end the Beast World crisis.

While Klarion may have the power to take on his own beast-like form, he also has the tendency to get stuck in it. However, this perceived weakness may actually hold the key to DC’s salvation. In Seven Soldiers: Klarion #4, it’s revealed that Klarion is only able to separate his body from Teekl’s with the help of the Witch Women of Limbo Town. This unique ability of Limbo Town’s resident witch women could be a game-changer in the upcoming crisis, since the half-witch, half-puritan women may be the only people within the DCU with the ability to rip the inflicted heroes and villains from their beast forms.

The Witch Women Of Limbo Town Hold The Key To Ending Beast World

The Witch Women Save Klarion

As the ominous threat of the Beast World crisis begins, it’s Klarion the Witch Boy, with his unique powers and his connection to the enigmatic Witch Women of Limbo Town, who could very well emerge as an unexpectedly crucial ally for the Titans. His ability to traverse the boundary between human and beast has the potential to free others from their own animal transformations, which could then tip the scales in the battle against the impending chaos. As heroes and villains alike brace for Beast World, fans will have to wait to find out if Klarion the Witch Boy is DC’s savior.

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Titans: Beast World #1 will be available November 28th from DC Comics.

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